All games tonight are after 4:00 P.S.T. some time to relax this morning!!!

Things have slowed up a bit turning into the end of November. This is the usual way it goes with a flurry of good totals most of November then back to earth as we search for positive EV setups.

On Monday we had 2 one unit plays going 1-1. In College Hoops, we lost with Kentucky Under 158  115-69 and in the NBA we won with Atlanta +14  100-105.

So far today no plays have been sent out as all games are late games.

An instructive email exchange:

“Regarding the bankroll discussion that’s been going on and off the past few weeks, I wanted to get your take on when it makes sense to rebalance. How often are you recalculating your bet size?

Thanks as always”

My Response:

“I do it daily

So whenever your account balance changes your bet size does. Your bet size should go up and down on a daily basis.

You could even do it on completed games rather than each day. A day is an artificial period so actually completed games would be even a better way.

Remember however that if you get a situation where let’s say you’re a 3% bettor and you get 2 or more games going off at the same time. Then you need to reduce your bet size.

So say you have 5 games to bet on you do not want to have 15% of your bankroll at risk. It would be better to cut the bet size in half for 5 games or more. Less than 5 reduce bet size by .5 or 1 %”

I will try to get caught up on answering emails now that we are going to slow up a bit. Be sure and send any questions you have my way as now is a good time to discuss various issues or techniques.

Good Luck Today


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