Here it is Saturday with another 100 College hoop games!!!

12:30 Update


At 1:00 we have the #2 rated team in the country playing:

Boston College


57% of the betting is on the road dog with the line moving with the betting from -27 to -26.5. Variables are split on the game with the models neutral on the game.  So no edge on either of those but with 57% of the betting on the dog that is a red flag to avoid the dog. So if your in a brave mood you can sweat out -26.5. Myself I see no edge worth betting on . I am passing.


Friday we only had one day and it was in the Ivy league.  Cornell +10 and it was never in doubt as Cornell won the game by 11.  Its hard to find good plays on Friday with only a handful of games but we found a good one. . We also had a setup on Canisius +1 and it lost.


Well we have 100 college hoop games to choose from today so should be a very busy day. Games begin at 9:00 AM today.

I had a nice email from a long time follower that I would like to share:


“Rick.  First off thanks for all you do.  I couldn’t be happier with your service.  Just curious if there is anyone you follow personally on Twitter or online that’s worth a look.  Finally , if there is anything I can do to help support or drive business please let me know.


My response:

“Thanks for the support. I really do not follow anyone at all. I have not found anyone that really is long term a positive EV handicapper. Although a number of years ago a person called xxxxx  was a handicapper in one of the forums and he was pretty solid. But he now charges and he charges a lot. Somewhere around 1500 per sport.

I have not checked in on him at all anymore but you might try a google search.

As far as driving business my way I am always open to that. If you have any ideas I would be open to hearing them”


And finally his response:


“My pleasure Rick and after using services for 25+ years we’ve come to the same conclusion.  You are the first and only so far.  ”


This is one of the reasons I do this. I enjoy sharing my work with other handicappers and giving my thoughts along the way. I have been doing this almost 13 years now. Its nice to get this type of email from time to time.


January is behind us now and it was a good one for us.

College hoops:      24-11-1 68.57%

NHL                        11-13   +4.06 Units

NFL                          2-1

NBA                          3-5

So we gained 16.06 Units less the vig!  I would love to do that every month:)


Similar to thursday I will try to comment on some of the top games of the day.  I will give a notice on @Rickjsports public twitter account when I have posted. For subscribers to my private twitter feed @rick_sports I will be sending plays out shortly before game time.


If you have not subscribed yet just hit the paypal button on the upper right and pick the subscription of your choice. I will have you up and running before the first game today. Hope to see you on board!

twitter: rickjsportplays
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Private Twitter: Rickjswings ( send me an email for a 2week free trial)
Private Twitter: Rick_sports



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