How do you go about finding the discipline to be a successful sports bettor? Some clues!

On Sunday we had 2 plays and went 2-0 for sports betting MLB. We had Texas +110 which won 5-3. They were behind 3-1 heading into the top of the 9th and scored 4 to win and then we had the Mets +138 winning 5-3. They were also behind 3-1 heading into the bottom of the 9th where the Mets scored 4 to win the game.

So two nice come from behind wins:) Although it seems like they always go against you on occasion you get helped by coming from behind games.

So we had a +2.48 Unit day which brings us to +15.005 Units season to date in MLB.

I talked about discipline the last two days and got an interesting email last night which in essence asked how do you go about getting this discipline.

A tough question to say the least. It took me a long time from when I started gambling at an early age to where I am at now.

I have said in the past that there is nothing many gamblers can do that I have not experienced first hand myself:)

We all start out getting into gambling for the thrill of the game. From sports betting, poker, horse racing or casino games like craps and blackjack, they all provide an outlet for this compulsion.

At some point in my journey, I realized that the idea of gambling for the sake of just gambling was a fool’s errand. And I made a decision that I would only gamble when I thought I had an edge.

Otherwise, what is the point? Once I came to that decision the rest was fairly easy. There is a multitude of books out there on poker and blackjack that can educate you to the point where you will have an edge at both games.

For sports betting it’s not that easy. I do not know of any good books that codifies what you need to learn. But I can tell you, being both a blackjack and poker player, sports betting is much more difficult.

There are so many different variables, considerations and they change based upon the sport and the place in the season the sport is in.

But one thing you can get down with no problem is a betting discipline. I have given you a shortcut by saying the 2% rule is the best I have found. You can take my word for it or not but in the end, you will come to the same conclusion.

So back to the original question. With that backdrop, it’s simply a question of will. How committed are you to being a winning bettor. It requires work. It requires constant monitoring of your betting. And above all its not easy to keep your human tendencies in line.

But if you are successful you may find yourself in the 2 or 3 % of the sports bettors that actually make money wagering on sports.

It’s a nice goal to attempt to get to:)

That is why I am here to help you through this journey. Both by way of these posts and by way of my plays. Explaining them and answering any questions anyone has.

I know of no other service that gives this type of comprehensive coverage as this one. Even the ones that are 10x the price do not come close to the value we produce here.

Good Luck Today

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