How do you know when you have lost your edge as a sports bettor?

After a grueling MLB season of sports betting where we ended up the regular season even and lost 4 units in post season play, we are now in a draw down mode at the beginning of college hoops.

You never know when these are going to begin. They can happen at any time and can test you without a doubt.

Saying that we are sitting at -11.45 units in college hoops thanks primarily to the 1 unit totals starting out dismally.  We are sitting at 10-17 in our 1 unit totals or -8.7 units.

Is this out of the ordinary?  Not at all. 20 to 30 unt downswings are going to come in sports betting if you wager every day. There is no way to avoid it. I wish there were but it comes with the sports betting experience.

Its very similar to limit poker. After playing 40 to 60 hours a week for almost 13 years I can tell you that every several years your going to get a downswing that makes you wonder why your even in the poker room. Its just the way gambling is.

If your undisciplined with your betsizing you do not have a chance betting daily. You cannot win. Its really that simple.

Also, if losing a game with a fumble runback in the last seconds of the game, or getting beat on an under because of OT sets you off your in the wrong business.

I have been a instrument rated pilot, a trial attorney trying complex medical neglignce and product liability cases along with a few murder trials interspersed inbetween and can tell you that neither of those is as taxing on a persons psyche as gambling every day.

Its not even close.

I only bring this up now, not only because we are off to a slow start in college hoops but also because I have not posted regularly on the sports betting portion of the site. I have posted on Sunday for the NFL and thats been about it as my daily records can be found on the google sheets that I update daily.

If your finding this all too much to endure, than take a break. That is what I have done playing high limit poker. I used to drop down to the lower limit holdem games for a few weeks to get my mind straight. Holdem was the perfect game because unlike a ring game of omaha 8 , holdem required you to think and process the information.

I could teach a monkey to beat a 10 handed omaha 8 ring game:)

I have said my piece now on this. Most of you that have been following me for some time now that this is the way sports betting works. Bettors that jump on board thinking its a gravy train usually do not last but a few months.

But if you pick the appropriate bankroll size and then bet size properly you will have a long career betting sports. Assuming of course that your a positive EV player and have curbed your bad habits, such as tilting!  I know easier said than done:) I have been there and done that.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to get ahold of me on skype. My user name there is riccja. I have it on most of the trading day and also when handicapping.

Good Luck Today


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