How does a sports bettor know when its time to take a break?

Answer for sports bettor below

Sunday we had 3 plays and went 2-1.

In the NFL I had sent out a 1 unit play on Jacksonville early in the week and it was an easy winner.

In the NHL we had a 1/2 unit play on Detroit +188, another easy 4-0 winner.

Then just before game time in the NBA, i sent out a 1 unit play on Portland +7 which lost 103-120.

Sometimes these plays do not trigger until the last few minutes. Most are usually set long before that but there are a few games that are very close to being plays. These I monitor right up until game time.

As most of you know we have been struggling. We got off to a great start after I switched back to the basics. Actually, it was a great start for +8.9 units with only 1 or 2 losses in there. Then we had Saturday were we lost 3.75 units. And +.84 units yesterday.

I am still monitoring the 1/2 unit new plays. I have had some requests to send those out, but, I am going to hold off until I start betting them. In any event, they seem to trail off toward the end of the season. Similar to the way MLB did the last month of regular season.

I know some of my long-time subscribers that have been following me for years are concerned about the 1/2 unit new plays and the volume of plays they produced.

I have gotten a number of questions and concerns as it was out of character for me to go from a low volume play site to super high volume.

To answer all the questions here, I do not make decisions randomly. Everything I do is a well thought out process. Not because its the way betting should be, but because that is how I think and act.

I used to say my tilt factor was maybe once a year in poker. And that when I did tilt, it was calling a raise with A45 suited in Omaha 8. My tilt is much different than the average poker player who plays and raises on any 2 or 4 cards:)

My only other comment is this is gambling. It’s far from easy. Not many last in this endeavor. They either get taken out by there own leaks, bad handicapping, or variance.

So few make it betting sports is why you see everyone and their brother want to be books. But, even that is fraught with danger! I know a number of books that went busted booking.

So, how do you tell when its time to take a break or quit entirely.

My rule is: If you’re not having fun take a break. Sports betting is supposed above all to be a fun endeavor. It provides you with having extra interest when you’re watching the games. And also when you’re winning the enjoyment of doing what very few can do.

But, if anyone is thinking this is a straight uphill journey, then you best take a break from betting until you get a realistic picture of handicapping and sports betting. As if your not realistic you will not have fun and will torture yourself. I know, I have been there many years ago.

So that is the test I am telling you. Forget the ups and downs. If you’re not having fun quit for awhile. If you’re fearful of losing quit for awhile. This is a past time, a hobby, something to get maximum entertainment out of.

Ok, enough of my morning thoughts!

So far today I have sent out 2 one unit plays.

I will be around on Skype if anyone wants to chat a bit. I am heading out right now for an hour but will be back after that.

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

Skype: riccja

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