I hope everyone is fine after that reversal in the Markets on Monday!

9:20 Update

Monday we went 2-1 on our 1/2 unit plays. In the NBA we went 2-0 winning with Houston -3.5 and also winning with Cleveland Under 204.5 We dodged a bullet on the Under as they had to score in the low 30s to cover the total by less than a bucket:)  In MLB we lost with Milwaukee +156   in a blowout.

It’s amazing to me that for an entrenched dogmatic anti-public proponent that one of the best setups in the NBA are public favorites. Last night on Houston -3.5 we took at road favorite with over 70% of the betting on them and they won in a blowout. It’s a rarity to come across wagers that are with the public that does so well. Actually, I cannot think of any other!

I received this message this morning:

Good Morning.  I have one question for you with respect to bankroll.  You say make every wager equal to 2% of your current bankroll yet release a play for a half unit.  That is confusing to me unless a 0.5 unit wager is considered a base play.  In fact, why offer any unit size at all if you suggest following the bankroll approach which I actually endorse.
Thanks in advance.”
My Response:
“A 1/2 unit play would be 1%. Base plays are 1 unit plays which would be 2%. Honestly, I never considered your interpretation. I will make it clearer in my next post.


So if anyone had any confusion regarding this that should clear it up.

Nothing on the 2 early MLB games today. See you at 4

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

Even I got excited Monday morning. All the stars had lined up with what looked like a solid week coming up. The market gapped up on the open (red flag) but that did not deter me from my view that we were going to start a strong move Monday to the upside. And at first, I was not disappointed. The markets continued to move higher to almost +130 on the day. But then a weird thing happened. Even with $ADD at +2000 which I use as a gauge the market reversed. And not only did it reverse but ended up down for the day.

You never know for sure in these markets. But I took some small losses and probably put on a few too many trades. But nothing serious. I still have some swing trades left over from yesterday so if we get the bounce this week I am expecting all will end up well:) We will see.

Today I am going to be a bit more cautious so most likely we get the blastoff today! I am planning on taking a few swing trades today if they set up. As I write this the market is up 1/3% 45 min before the open. Will it hold? Will it continue? Will it Reverse? If anyone knew 100% it would not be any fun. It’s the uncertainty and the problem solving that makes it a challenge. As long as you have cured yourself from going on TILT you will enjoy the challenge immensely. However if you’re still at the point in your career where you have not controlled the TILT aspect of your personality any form of gambling is going to be pure torture for you:) I’ve been there…..a long long time ago. And I emphasize with the neophytes that are still struggling with it.

As I have said before …TILTing is not logical. It reduces your chances of success to almost 0 unless variance comes along and bails you out. So you can learn the easy way by taking my word for it or the hard way….Your choice!

Did I get distracted again:)  Ok its back to the markets for me. The market seems to be wanting to move higher. See you at the open if you’re following my private twitter handle at @rickjswings. It’s free so join us if you wish.

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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