In MLB we are in Pre All Star Break slump:(

On Wednesday we had a 1 unit play and it lost. San Diego +134 lost 7-11.

We also had 6 big move games:

NYY +107
Miami +101
St Louis +105
Angels +121
Pitt +136
San Diego +131

With the closing line on these games:

NYY +112
Miami +102
St Louis -109
Angels +117
Pitt +154
San Diego +148

Overall the big move games went against us for the first time in a long time.

Today I sent out 2 one unit plays and we have lost the first and the 2nd is behind 4-0:( So this qualifies as a pre all star break slump.

We also had 3 big move games which I will go over tomorrow.

Not much to do now except stick with the program. So far the swings have been +-9 units or so. So we are staying in a narrow range the first half of the season. Will be breaking out I hope so but it’s sticking with the plan and seeing where we end up Aug 31st.

Also, the stock market had a two-day blast to the upside which I caught quite a bit off. I am flat on the long side now with two positions to the short side. Let’s see if I can catch a move the other way now:)

I spent almost the entire morning riding my computer of malware and also trying to fix this site after the last WordPress update made some of my plugins obsolete! Now it’s to fixing those. I have had several services take a look and have figured it out. You had better do it yourself. Hiring people to fix your site unless you know them personally is a losing endeavor.

In any event, you will know the site is fixed when the records are updated on the right of this site. That is what I will be working on this evening.

Good Luck Today

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