Insights for Sunday week 2 of the NFL !!!

Saturday was a very busy day with 7 one unit plays. The busiest so far this year as I recall. At the end of the day we went 2-0 in MLB and 1-3-1 in College Football. And it could easily have been 0-4 or even 0-5. There were no easy wins or ties and the three losses only 1 could of gone the other way.

But we still ended up on the plus side for the day, yes , thanks to 2 MLB Dogs!!!

No matter how well things are going never forget that draw downs could be right around the corner. It matters no which sport you are betting. They can come in any sport at any time. If you always incorporate this into your betting you will have a nice long term future in handicapping. If you do not take heed of this you will end up like 95% of the other sports bettors…..On the Sidelines either through disgust or lack of money.

The above is a truth that is absolute. If you doubt it than you need to quit betting immediately!!!

Enough of the Soap Opera this morning:)

My Hilton NFL Super Contest Picks in the order I liked them at at the time:

Buffalo +1 (L)

Cinci +3.5

Tenn +6

Cleveland +6.5

Tampa Bay +7

I had several other games in mind also. Rams and Minn. The Rams I passed on as the line came out at +4.5. I could of taken the other side as the line when I turned these in was -7. But I felt the rams were the right side of the game and unless I have nothing to choose from I tend to pass on these games.  Minn I could of taken just as easily as Tampa Bay. There are very good arguments for both as a 5th pick.

Going into today I am 4-2 in the Super Contest as Buffalo lost Thursday night.

The Hilton Top 5 this week :


Green Bay


Kansas City


The Bottom 5:




San Fran



I am fading their # 1 play and with their # 5 plays. I am also on two of the bottom 5 teams. That is where I like to be:)

The top 5 started out 3-2 while the bottom 5 went 3-2 also.

The public numbers for this morning:


Green Bay 81

Seattle 75

Balt 70

Oakland 64

Jacksonville 64

Pitt 64

Carolina 63

Det 60

Phil 59

NE 58

Arizona 58

Dallas 56

Denver 54

Houst 53


Giants 52


Today I have sent out 1 one unit play and 5 Big Move Games.

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks









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