If you are interested in political odds this is the place! And of course RickJ has MLB and the NFL for you:)

On Tuesday we had another busy day with 5 plays going 2-3.

We had 3 one unit plays with Milwaukee +117 winning 8-0, the Angels +149 losing 7-11 and Cinci +154 losing 2-4. All three were overnight that turned into one unit plays.

We had 2 remaining overnights winning with Tor +110 4-1 and losing with Baltimore +134 4-5.

Today so far I have sent out 2  plays.

I have been getting a few emails regarding my political wagers that I typically post in the investment session.

The one I wish to discuss a bit asked why I post in that section rather than the betting portion of the site.

I could post in either, but the political landscape plays a big role in evaluating the markets. More so now than ever before.

The greatest risk to the markets right now is the political landscape as I see it.

So, not only do my posts show where I feel there is value but they also discuss the effect the transaction might have on the markets.

So if you are interested in the political odds and an analysis of value just take a look at the investing portion of the site. That is where you will find it.

Occasionally there are other nonsports wagers I see and I will post them here in this section. The last I can recall was Natalie Portman for best actress in “Black Swan”. That was an easy winner. And to me after seeing the movie thought the wager was clear cut.

So those are the types I will post here but there will not be very many

The preseason NFL is next week. You should consider joining our group for the NFL season. It should be an entertaining season and hopefully a profitable one:)

Good Luck Today


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