Iowa Caucus Over…Now we can get back to the markets!

3:30 Update

I have updated College hoops for January and the results through the end of January are as follows:

January 30-17-1 63.83%
December 19-21 47.5 %
November 34-20-1 62.9%
Season 83-58 -2 58.86%

A good month and we are still hitting almost 60% for the season on 141 Plays. A very solid season. And we have tournament time coming up which tends to be right up there with pre conference play for profitability.

In addition I shared with you a few days ago an email from a long time follower. It was nice to get another so soon:

“Hi Rick,

First, I’d like to echo the post from yesterday. In the last two years, I’ve learned so much and I can’t say enough about the service. It still seems too good to be true.”

That really is my reward to have followers that not only make money but learn as this site continues to develop over the last 13 years. I know that I am continually in a learning process. Handicapping keeps you on your toes adapting to the ever changing environment!

Its never too late to jump on board with us through this handicapping journey. Just hit the paypal button on the upper right and become a member of a group that will most likely be able to say they are on ef the select few handicappers that made money at the end of the year. There are very few that can say that.

In addition I would ask that all of you help me grown this site. You can do that by hitting the share buttons, mentioning this site on any forums you participate in and telling other sports bettors about the site and service. The great majority of my followers have been obtained through word of mouth as opposed to any advertising. Thats really one of the greatest compliments this site can have.

So hope to see you on board with us.

One final note. I would like all subscribers and followers to communitcate with me through email from now on. First its something I monitor very close and also I see that sometimes our communications get tweeted out to everyone. Thank You


12:40 Update

The market has told us today what it is going today. It looks like a test of the low in in the works. If anyone was thinking the drop was finish and volatility over this is a wake up call to say the least. I am actually in the +column today and my plan to trade statistically should keep me out of trouble. I of course did not avoid the January carnage but kept my loses manageable which is all you can ask for considering the historic fall.

Meanwhile in sports there were no plays Monday but we had a setup on Louisville which was a winner. Also not that my computer headaches are about over I have gotten somewhat close to being caught up. All the records in sports are updated and current. I will comment on that later this afternoon. Should be a busy night today for sports as there are quite a few games that have potential.


Slowly but surely I am fixing all issues with my new site. Always an ordeal and always unexpected crazy issues crop up. But now I can concentrate on the market and it looks like a 1% gap to the downside this morning. My guess is the test of the lows is about to begin very soon. As long as the Fed does not hop onto the Free money bandwagon there is nothing to stop the markets from heading down. Also in the background although the Fed turned a little less hawkish they have been taking liquidity out of the markets. The asset purchases that were silently providing liquidity have taken a dramatic turn down last week. Not as obvious as rate hikes but just as deadly!

Anymore politics provide a comic relief to otherwise crazy days. What could me more comedic then Trump’s concession speach. He ended it with hey I might come back to Iowa and buy a farm! I dont know about you but I found that pretty funny. Now I am know way intending to give any opinions regarding politics. I always very carefully keep that out of this site. But my weird sense of humor that that was a bit out of the realm of normal behavior. But really when has any politican been accused of normal behavior:)

If you want a more detailed opinion of what I think of the markets right now just look at yesterday’s post. If today’s down move holds then Test has failed for the markets. Will be an interesting day. I am long a few stocks and short a few. I am carefully looking for some quick option income plays. The only trades I am going to consider right now are the swing, mean reversion and option income trades. Thats it for now. Quick in and out high EV trades.

As we head into this Tuesday morning the markets are severely overbought short term. It will take a huge move to the downside to correct this in one day. Most likely we will see it over most of this week.

I came across a speech this morning that had a bit of an effect on me. Its got nothing to do with the markets but is an interesting take on life in general:

This Is Water by David Foster Wallace | Full Speech

Its about 25 min long and well worth listening to. I had not heard of the speaker and did a bit of searching on him. He is a well written author and tragically ended his own life at age 45. Brilliance can be a heavy burden at times.

Have a good Day trading today

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