Is it really the last day in April? The NFL right around the corner:) - Rickj's Handicapping Picks

Is it really the last day in April? The NFL right around the corner:)

Friday we went 0-1 in MLB and it was a 1/2 unit play on Cinn +136 that lost 1-4. So we are to the plus side for April in MLB .46 units on 61 plays for an ROI of    .75%:)

The swings this month were nothing compared to other years at around 8 units top to bottom. So an unimpressive first month except for the low volatility. Which I attribute to my offseason tuning of the MLB handicapping routines. This tuning has had a dramatic effect on the NBA and NHL to where they have become very profitable with ROIs around 8 to 9 %. 

In addition , my tuning did not hurt in any way college hoops which has been a consistent winner the last 3 years. Considering that I just started handicapping College Hoops 3 or 4 years ago I am satisfied with how it is shaping up. Certainly March was a tough month but it was almost straight up in college hoops from day 1 to the end of February. It’s very hard to go through a season with as many plays as we had in college hoops not to have some kind of pullback. And there is no question we had a pullback in march!

So I am very optimistic for this season in MLB. So optimistic I stand to refund quite a bit of money in the event I have a losing MLB season come Aug 31st:) If I do you will get the 130.00 per person guarantee the next day. It will be expensive for me but you will not hear me whine a bit. It’s the least I can do for long time followers that are with this group for MLB.

If you signed up after day 1 of the MLB season then the above does not apply to you. However, I plan on having a winning season:)

As you know and I have mentioned this before that I consider subscribers members of a group. I consider everyone partners in this endeavor to overcome the juice and beat the books. The subscriptions help me offset the expenses I incur to develop and improve handicapping techniques throughout the year.

Since I approach it that way I am hoping some of you have ideas on how to improve the site and also promote the site that I no doubt have overlooked. I am asking everyone, even the few that I have had some words with regarding enough is enough, to send me emails with constructive ideas on both.

The spreadsheet I update daily is a result of a suggestion by a subscriber and it has worked out very well. Also, I have made changes in the site as a result of suggestions. So I welcome them.

Time to get back to work.

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks


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