Is this the start of the next Crisis in the Markets?

10:00 Update

Tuesday we went 2-2 on our 1/2 unit plays for +.42 Units. In the NBA we had Phil -2.5 and they covered easily winning by 14.  In the NHL we won with Carolina +184 2-1 and Lost with Arizona +211 2-6. And finally in MLB we lost with Milwaukee +140 1-2.

The $130.00 Guarantee is now set as to the subscribers that initially qualify for the program. The details are to the right of this however I am going to move it into the must read a portion of the site so it can be referred to if needed.

Looking over the games today there are a number of plays at least as to how things stand right now.

I will be sending them out as usual shortly before game times. I have been asked about how to read the MLB plays. The team that is a play will be displayed along with both starting pitchers. The line is the pinnacle line at the time I am sending out the plays. Sometimes you will get a better line and sometimes not. As in the NHL take a look at the books that are giving out 10c lines and establish a baseline for the appropriate number and do not take less then what you come up with. Most books now have a 10c line and the ones that do not tend to only have public bettors so oftentimes if you like the dog you can get a line equal to a 10c line and sometimes even better!

On any particular day it does not make a difference however over a season it could be the difference between winning and losing. So ideally its good to have multiple outs. Aside from bankroll sizing and bet sizing multiple outs is right up there in terms of importance.

Good Luck Today


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News out this morning is what everyone was whispering about. Puerto Rico is going to stop paying some of its creditors. The sad part is this is most likely the first of many defaults by governments coming along soon. Take Illinois whose fiscal policy is so bad they cannot even pay off their lottery winners! Now I wasn’t mad until I heard that:) If you’re a serious gambler paying off your debts is a #1 priority.

But not for the government. They used to say about private contractors on building projects…ABCD….Airplane, Boat, Caddilac, Default! But for governments its Tax, Spend, Tax, Default.

How they get away with it is another question. Makes you wonder about the term “checks and Balances” …No pun intended.

Back to the markets. Although when this hits full speed I would expect something similar to the housing crisis. Not yet but something to be aware of down the road.

The Globex after being on the plus side overnight about .5% has managed to pull back to even with 5 min to go before the open. I still have my DIS position , I sold TLT , and am still long oil. All small positions. The market is slightly oversold and another decent down day will get me interested. Although I plan on dabbling a bit on the long side this morning. Some pretty good setups. But I am going to keep it light until we get oversold more.

Let’s see if we can find a few good short term trades today!

For those of you that are interested, my private twitter feed is free for now. @rickjswings . Take a look…You might like what you see:)

Good Luck Today


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