Its 100 game College Hoops day again. Days certainly fly by!

10:50 Update

Big game of the day coming up soon with #6 Kansas visiting #3 Oklahoma. Betting is 62% on the Home Fav and the line has moved contrary to the betting from -5 to -3. So on one hand you have a reverse line move favoring Kansas but the move is pretty substantial which to negates any inference you can gather from the reverse line move. So to me its a wash on the game and a pass. I have nothing else that gives me any clues as to where the value might fall on the game. Should be a good game to watch!

Friday we had no plays. We had 1 setup in the NHL and it lost in a shootout. Today things are very likely to pick up with 100 college hoop games on tap.

On days like today organization is key. Otherwise its very easy to lose yourself and miss numbers of significance. It takes awhile to get to the level of organization where you can go through a day like today. It took me a long time:)

There are some big games today and I will try to comment on several throughout the day.

Finally I have added the option to give us a try for one day for 10.00. If your prone to do that Saturday would be the only day you might consider it. Then if you like what you see you will get a 10.00 credit to the subscription fee on the first month. So its really no extra cost if you try for 10 and then sign up the next day. I can only keep that option of the credit for one day since the book keeping would be too much for me to keep track of.

Remember we are almost at tournament time. So if your thinking about joining now is a pretty good time. In addition you not only get the plays but the setups and finally if there is a game your interested in I am usually around for an opinion. If you want an example of some of the days I have shared opinions just scroll to previous posts. Typically I share these on the site.

Hope to see you join our group. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to ask by sending me an email to

Now its back to work!

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