Its turnaround Tuesday to the rescue for the Markets

Its turnaround Tuesday to the rescue for the Markets

4:30 Update

One game tonight in the NBA:

Oklahoma City

San Antonio

Betting is 59% on the home favorite San Antonio with the line moving from -6.5 to -7.5. Models are neutral and variables slightly favor San Antonio. The public numbers really do not give much of a clue at 59%. For me this game is a pretty clear cut pass. Good luck which ever side you decide on.


10:00 Update

Monday was a busy day with 2 1/2 unit plays and 2 setups. We went 1-1 on both.

In MLB, we won with Cinci +106 3-2 and lost with San Fran 1-3 for setups in MLB we won with White Sox +104 8-4 and lost with Tampa Bay +116 2-5.

So a busy day with a microscopic gain:)

I have been getting quite a few emails regarding the new live odds that I now have on the site. The emails go from its great to could you get more detailed and finally to it slows up the site. For me, the site loads fine and tests fine. But if anyone has any feedback I would like to hear it.

In addition, I now have a chat room plugin picked out. However after giving it some thought I am hesitant to incorporate it into the site. This is another thing I would appreciate some feedback on.

All games tonight are this evening so gives me some breathing room after another busy day in the markets.

Good Luck Today

Rickj’s Handicapping Picks

Another busy morning for me but finally getting around to posting. Who would have known we were going to have a +200 point day today. But still a long time left may we get to +400:)

I have been active day trading which is a tough road to go. Especially in stocks. But I couldn’t resist and was stopped out within 5 min for a small loss. I have been trading scalps in the first 5 min of the ES and it’s coming along very nicely. I am very encouraged by my results.

I still have a basket of stocks which are doing well today and actually put on a short trade which Is more long term that I feel has quite a bit of potential.

For those of you, that wish to follow just go to @rickjswings on twitter. It’s my private twitter feed and is free for now. I post most of my swing trades along with my early morning scalps.

As I write this SPY is up almost 1% as is the Nasdaq. IWM, however, is up a bit less than 50% which is a negative. $ADD is a healthy +1250 so we have a reasonable chance of a nice short squeeze from here assuming we do not break down. The short squeeze would most probably take place 30 to 45 min before the close if it happens. Quite a few traders are positioned short which makes these rallies bigger than usual. Nothing like a rally being fueled in part by panic shorts:)

I am stalking one more day trade long right now but with any luck it will not trigger!

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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