January 2016 in the books and our monthly winning streak continues to 7 months in a row!!!

January 2016 in the books and our monthly winning streak continues to 7 months in a row!!!

4:45 Update

Two ranked teams coming up:

#25 Northwestern

#23 Purdue

Betting is 62% on the road dog with the line moving from -8.5 to -9.5. So we have the red flag of >50% on the dog along with a reverse line move on the home favorite. Models favor the road dog, models are neutral, public betting favors the home favorite. Here we have conflicting clues and this game is a clear cut pass.

3:40 Update

A top 10 team plays at 4:00:

#4 Villanova


Betting is 56% on the road Favorite with the line moving from -9 to -9.5-102.  Models favor Providence, variables are neutral and public betting no edge. So like last night we had the same situation with creighton as a road dog. Models alone to me are not enough to pull the trigger on a game so I will be passing despite that it looks like the #4 ranked team is a bit overvalued here. A pass for me.



On Tuesday we had one play. It was in the NHL and it was a winner. New Jersey +113 4-3.

After a 6 month winning streak for over 50 units we continues the streak with a small gain of .84 units. We hovered around -10 units for much of the month but had a recovery to eek out a winner.

That makes it 7 months in a row of winning months. With the month we lost in june for only -3.72 units.

Now lets see what February brings:)

So far I have not sent out any plays. With a big lineup of games tonight I expect things to be picking up a bit.

I posted some of the new variable setups on the site yesterday and they had a losing day. It never fails when I start posting setups that have been looking very good that they then start softening up a bit:)

In any event these are not plays. I do not bet them but only provide them for you to get an idea of some of the things I do from day to day to find value.

We have the SuperBowl coming up on sunday. By way of housekeeping those of you that signed up for the football special the period ends on superbowl sunday.

If you wish to continue uninterupted just resubscribe using the paypal monthly subscription option on Sunday or Monday.

If you forget I will send you a reminder. We still have quite a bit of Hoops this season along with tourney time. And do not forget the baseball special.

Good Luck Today


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