July 6th shaping up to be a busy day in MLB!!!

July 6th shaping up to be a busy day in MLB!!!

Tuesday in MLB we had a one unit play that lost. Detroit +173 Lost 1-12. We also split into two setups on MLB totals. Winning with Mets U 7.5 +103 5-2 and losing with Tor U 9.5 Even.

We also had 3 big move games:

San Diego +133
Atlanta +120
Pitt +113

With the line closing on the games:

San Diego +131
Atlanta -105
Pitt +122

One nice move another stayed even and finally Pitt moved against us but we had a pitching change that pretty much negates it. Any pitching changes 0 out everything on the game.

Today I have sent out 2 one unit plays already in MLB with a few potential games for later tonight.

I received an email this morning that I think is instructive:

“U going after them again tomorrow?”

My response:

“depends. I do not try to pay attention to individual team names as it tends to cause bias to set it.

In the long run, you miss value by ruling out a team based on short-term performance.

But it’s not an easy pill to swallow. Took me a long time.”

I used to find teams that under no circumstances would I consider betting on them. It took me awhile to break that habit and now that I have I do not have to go through the mental gymnastics.

Let me just say you are not going to find value on teams or pitchers that are the best in what they do. Typically you pay a high premium to go along for the ride. The value is in the situations that no one else cares for. Now there is much more to it than that but that gives you an idea of the reasoning. Once you start ruling out a team because they are pathetically bad you give up part of your edge!

Good Luck Today

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