Last full trading day of 2015

3:10 Update

Been sleeping most of the early afternoon with a small bout of the stomach flu:( But back at it.

Tuesday we went 2-1 on our plays winning both College bowl games and losing our College hoop total. Our setup in college hoops was a winner.

Today I have sent out a college bowl game play, a college hoop play and also a hint on the nfl this weekend. Hard to believe week 17 is here in the NFL!

On Friday I will post an update on each sport for December to give you an idea how we are doing. November was a knockout month. December while not as good still looking great.

If you want to sign on just hit the paypal button on the upper right and you will get all plays and setups sent directly to your cell phone the second they are released. In addition you have available my opinions on any game you wish or anything for that matter.

To give you an idea…this morning early:

“Hi Rick,

Two questions from a subscriber for today:

What do you think about Auburn -5?

If I can get NC State +7 (-140) is that better than +6 (-110)? What about buying points like this in general?”

My response:

“Auburn seems to be the right side of the game however your paying a premium this morning. The line has moved from -2.5 to -5. My models indicate that -2.5 was closer to being the correct line. So you most likely have “sharps” jumping on board Auburn. I think the value is gone although I would not take the other side. These moves on the favorite are usually best when the public is on the Dog and it moves 1/2pt.

NC State +6 is the better way to go. Laying -140 is much too steep. In addition the difference between 6 and 7 in college football is not as severe as in the NFL and even in the NFL it would not be the right thing to do. The only number I even consider buying is 3 to 3.5 and even then Its very rare I do it.

Best just to take the line given and go with it. The books never give you anywhere near the right price to buy a number. The juice is higher then the 5% your giving up on the original wager usually.”

This is the type of information that is available to you daily on any game or games you wish to discuss! No other service provides this type of information. This is what make RickJ’s Handicapping Picks one of the best values in the Industry. Aside from the high quality plays that are put out daily.

So sign up now….hope to see you join us.

A bowl game at 4:00

Texas A&M

Betting is 53% on the dog with the line moving from -4 to -3. As you know for those that have been following me whenever the betting is on the dog its a red flag for me and I look over the favorite as opposed to the dog on the game. Models slight favor the dog however and the 53% is not enough to get excited about. So this game is a clear cut pass for me.

Good Luck Tonight!


The question today is whether the Christmas New Year rally is done. I do not think so. Most likely we get up today and tomorrow then with the markets overbought a sell off shortly after the 1st of the year. Now predictions on what the market might do are just that…Predictions and nothing else. There are very few that can accurately predict the future:)

Very little news on the horizon the next two days except the never ending threats of terrorist attacks over the holidays and the debt crisis that might be lurking in oil related debt. But no one is really interested in that right now. Why? Because its the last two weeks of the year and this is what the market usually does that last two weeks. Its really that simple!

Its been a run up that everyone can be proud of. I am long a basket of stocks in my portfolio and also still have some mean reversion and swing trades. I still have not decided what to do with my portfolio of stocks before year end. I am like a poker player right now who just has to decide whether to call a big bet and tanks for 5 min:) Perhaps the answer will come to me today or tomorrow. Typically I just hold until mid april but for some reason I feel that the risk reward might not be there this year. If you have been following me for any length of time however you know that these human feels often times get in the way of profit. So who knows right now.

Also its going to be an early day for sports betting. A good day yesterday going 2-0 on bowl games. Losing a hoop total and winning a Hoop setup. I will take that every day.

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