Would you like to learn about "Big Move Games" in MLB? Take a look!!!!

Would you like to learn about “Big Move Games” in MLB? Take a look!!!!

Thursday we had no plays however we did have 4 Big Move Games:

BMG Line   Closing line   Change

Pitt +130            +155            -.25

Colorado +147   +153           -.06

Dodgers +125      +111        +.14

Texas -120          -122         +.02

So 2-2 on predicting line moves and for the first time this season the moves were a net minus.

We have had 39 Big Move Games with a record of predicting the move 28-10-1. The average move is now +.0941

Today so far I have sent out 1 play and 6 Big Move Games.

For those checking the results that will be used for official numbers:


I received an email last night as to how could I lay off betting after a good day.

It has been a long time since I have heard anyone talk about pressing when winning as a viable strategy. However, many play poker that was. I knew a player years ago that whenever he won a hand in poker it was an automatic rule to play the next hand!

Without getting into the intricacies of the viability of the strategy in poker, let me say that this strategy is a non-starter.

You either have an edge or you do not. And it is not dependent whether you are on some type of streak or not. It is like flipping a coin. The odds of the next flip are 50 50 regardless what you have done previously. (assuming, of course, it is an honest coin)

The fact that you may have won the previous flip has no bearing on the likelihood of winning this coin flip.

The same is true for sports betting. That is why developing a bet size dependent on your bankroll size is the way to go rather than doubling up after a win.

That is my words of wisdom for this morning:)

I have had more subscribers sign up for the daily breakdown of the games. If you have not done that, it is really something you should do. As time goes on I will be adding to the breakdown with information on the games that I feel will provide additional significant information for handicapping games.

Just sent me an email and I will add you to the list.

Good Luck Today


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