Major League Baseball Sample breakdown of what subscribers get every morning !!!

Major League Baseball is in full swing now but first, let’s look at march results.

For March we ended up +5.775 units for the month.


NHL +1.985 UNITS

College Hoops +2.6 Units


College Hoops is behind us now and we had a dismal season. After 3 very strong seasons in College Hoops, we could not repeat and it was downhill from the start. It did not help that I added a new subset of games that had a very high volume of plays that I ended after about a month. This contributed substantially to the poor season.

In March I went back to basics, what worked well the past 13 years, and we rebounded with almost a 6 unit gain.

In April for MLB to date, we are -2.41 Units. But that means virtually nothing as its a very long season. I am optimistic this season will be a very good one in MLB!

I have been asked what to expect in the way of information during the MLB season.

Aside from the plays I send out every day, which include the overnight plays that are sent out between 2 and 3 PM PST and the regular plays that are sent out usually an hour or so before the game, I also send out a breakdown each morning of the games for the day.

Here is what I sent out yesterday to subscribers:

MLB – 4/8/2018 Op Line C. Line Model Edge Variable Edge Public % Public % Edge
1:05 PM9.5o-1109.5u-122
915 BAL-M Wright1801805+34%Slight Edge
916 NYY-J Montgomery (L)-200-200No Edge66%
1:05 PM
918 BOS-E Rodriguez (L)
1:10 PM88
919 KC-J Hammel194194Slight Edge33%Slight Edge
920 CLE-M Clevinger-212-212No Edge67%
1:35 PM7.5u-1097.5o-107
901 CIN-T Mahle134131Strong Edge30%Avg Edge
902 PIT-J Taillon-145-142No Edge70%
1:35 PM7.5o-1187.5o-114
903 MIA-T Richards16516531%Slight Edge
904 PHI-J Arrieta-180-180No EdgeNo Edge69%
2:10 PM99u-110
923 SEA-M Gonzales (L)13311954%
924 MIN-L Lynn-144-129No EdgeNo Edge46%No Edge
2:10 PM8.5o-1168.5o-114
905 CHC-J Quintana (L)-131-131No Edge49%
906 MIL-C Anderson121121No Edge51%No Edge
2:10 PM9u-1209u-137
921 DET-M FIERS13412943%
922 CHW-Re Lopez-145-140No EdgeNo Edge57%No Edge
2:10 PM8.5o-1188.5u-107
929 SD-T Ross22824360+27%Avg Edge
930 HOU-C Morton-250-268No Edge73%
2:15 PM7.5o-1197.5o-104
907 ARI-T Walker13513758%
908 STL-L Weaver-146-1495+No Edge42%Slight Edge
3:05 PM9.5u-1209.5u-120
925 TOR-J Garcia (L)-102-111No EdgeNo Edge44%
926 TEX-C Hamels (L)-10610356%No Edge
3:10 PM11.5u-11711.5u-117
909 ATL-S Newcomb (L)12612840+51%
910 COL-K Freeland (L)-137-139No Edge49%No Edge
4:05 PM7u-1197o-109
911 LAD-C Kershaw (L)-205-20520+68%
912 SF-T Blach (L)188188No Edge32%Slight Edge
4:07 PM8.5o-1138.5o-121
927 OAK-K Graveman16116125+45%
928 LAA-S Ohtani-175-175No Edge55%No Edge
8:08 PM8o-1108o-110
913 NYM-M Harvey13115535+58%
914 WAS-T Roark-142-168No Edge42%No Edge


If you do your own handicapping the information is invaluable. You have a hard time find a better analysis of the games for purposes of finding value.

And I am available throughout the day for questions via skype or email.

Our service provides some of the best value you will find if you’re interested in following a service and getting additional handicapping information. Where most service charge 4 figures a year for just one sport via a lump sum payment. You can subscribe for a small monthly subscription fee and cancel at the end of any month. It includes all sports I handicap during your subscription period!

Come join us for the rest of the MLB Season. Go to the PayPal pulldown menu and pick the subscription of your choice. All have a 3-day free trial.


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