March Madness is upon us! How to take advantage of a free MLB Season.

We finished the NFL season with a win in the Super bowl. Typically I do not have a wager but this year the dog looked reasonable to me at +4.

So for the NFL:

NFL 2021
Sides: 24-20
Totals:   4-1
Combined 28-21

And then 2-2 in post season play.

A good solid season.

We are getting ready to head into march madness and College hoops has been solid this season:

Sides 73-59-3
Totals 8-4
Totals 1st half 10-4-1
Combined 91-67-4 or 57.59%

162 wagers with a win rate of 57.59%. I will match that record with anyone.

Today so far we have 1 win already to add to that.

I expect March Madness to be no different as many of the variables I look at have accumulated enough samples to

determine which are significant enough to include in my handicapping.

It has paid off handsomely this season.

For those of you that sent me emails regarding wanting to sign up for MLB. I will add you for day 1 of MLB.

As you recall, starting day 1 for MLB my site will be free for everyone. That means you will have access to everything subscribers

had access to during the year, including my two slack accounts where the discussion is very active.

All you need to is send me an email requesting access and I will put you on the email list along with send out invites to Slack to


Subscribers get:

  1. Overnight plays sent out typically late afternoon for the next days MLB
  2. Plays that develop during the day, in all sports that are active
  3. Access to my Slack investment room where I post most of my trades I make during the trading day.

These include: Mean Reversion Trades, Income Trades, Swing Trades, covered call trades,  value short put sales, and 2 day short put sales every Thursday morning

4. In addition you get a Pre Market Summary with charts to get ready for the trading day.


Plays are sent out via email and Slack.

In addition both Slack accounts have active discussions on a wide variety of subjects including handicapping.

Access will be free for everyone until the first day of college football, at that time everything will revert back to a

subscription based service.


Now if you wish to jump on board early, you have a month left of College hoops, which just happens to cover March Madness!!! Just

to to the PayPal menu on the first page or You can subscribe for the monthly for $49.00 at which time it will end just

when MLB begins.

This service has been active for over 20 years now:) Time does fly. Every year I add value to the service. The latest addition being Slack which allows me to communicate

more freely with subscribers. In addition, the investment side has been solid. Every subset of trades I make have been profitable.

Consider taking advantage of not only March madness but also the never before offer of a Free subscription during MLB.  This is likely to be the only time

that offer will be made:)

As always if you have any questions or comments you can email me directly at

Hope to see you on board for March Madness and if not, the MLB season


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