The Market is very interested in what the Fed is going to do this Week!

1:55 Update

Monday we had no plays but our two setups in the NHL were both winners.  Calgary +140 won 7-5 and the Kings +115 won 5-0.

I spent about 5 hours last night going over my setups and getting rid of the ones that showed no promise this season real time and further refining the ones that have reinforced the backtesting this season. I have discovered some very promising setups that I will most definitely use as plays next season in all sports.

Saying that starting tonight the setups I use are going to be 1/2 unit plays. At least, I am going to be betting 1/2 unit on them. It would not be out of the question to wait until next season but I am confident enough in them that I feel they will be positive EV. We will see. But that will explain the 1/2 unit plays starting tonight with no setups from here on out for now.

Tournament time is here and I am more than ready for some solid basketball entertainment. As I said before this is my favorite time of year in sports. My goal is to have fun watching the games and also make some money!  Let’s see if I can accomplish both this season:)

I have been receiving quite a few questions about baseball and how the guarantee works. I am at a loss as to how to be more specific than I have been on the site. However rather then a general question if there is something that is unclear I can clarify it for you. I am not immune to glossing over details from time to time. But the key things are that you have to be a subscriber on April 1st. If you’re not then the guarantee does not apply to you. In addition, I have been asked from several people that chose to pay yearly and get the 100.00 discount on the subscription. And yes the guarantee applies to yearly subscribers also.

We are two weeks away from opening day so ask away if anything needs to be clarified.

One final comment about the site. A few of you have said that they are having trouble viewing the site from their phone. Myself I checked it out on my iPhone and have no problem. Although it looks much better if you view the site horizontally. Not all the menus show up on the mobile site or at least, they are not obvious. But the main posts seem fine.

Good Luck Tonight


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Yes very interested as is everyone else trading. The consensus is that we get no hike and also a softening of the rhetoric. That would be consistent with the Fed now not on the air every day talking about 6 or 8 hikes this year.

The market as I type is getting ready to pen down about .6% and my guess is we have a down day today which should be looked at as a buying opportunity this week. Then we test the highs and who knows.

With that in mind, I will start looking at swing trade longs this week. And also show a bias toward the upside. And if we get lucky we may get a chance to put on a mean reversion trade to the long side:) But we have a way to go for that.

I am long a small portion of USO, and also put on a short earnings put that is taking some heat this morning. And still 4 days to go. Fortunately, I had a good cushion to the short side that is going to get tested this morning:(

I am going to cut this short this morning as I slept in and have to get back to actual trading!

Remember all my trades can be followed through my private twitter feed at @rickjswings. Its free and I post all my trades there.

Btw I took my loss this morning on my short put. These trades have a very high win rate but when you take a loss its usually a big one. Overall they have positive EV as you tend to win them on a very high ratio.

Good Luck Today Trading


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