Memorial day Sports betting with 2 plays already today!!!

Sunday in Sports Betting was a slow day for me with only 1 1/2 unit play in MLB. Cinci +141 lost 4-5. Cinci gave us a chance in the 9th with three two out singles but than Pacheco struck out:( Who said baseball was boring:)

Today I have sent out two plays early. None of the two were games I considered to have a big move. But were clear-cut as plays. One 1 unit play and 1 1/2 unit play.

I still am getting email about the College Hoop total method I explained the last two days. If you still have an interest and are not sure how it works just send me an email with any questions. Also if you remind me before the next hoop season I will post the details again. Also if I decide to go with some sort of live room we can go through the procedure live. We will see:)

We are almost finished with the 2nd month of MLB. Its been an up and down two months but not very severe. We started off with an almost verticle move up to +8 units and then an equally vertical move down to -8 units. After that a slow positive move to where we are now at -1.5 units. This has been a typical MLB season so far with the exception that the swings have been tame. The 1 unit plays have been solid and the 1/2 unit plays have been equally un-solid! The setups so far have not panned out.

I would not be too discouraged about the 1/2 unit plays as I expect a reversion to the mean to happen. May not but I am anticipating it. My $130 guarantee brain storm most likely depends on it:)

We still have 3 months left on the guarantee for those of you that started the season on day 1. So essentially if I stumble you will be getting the last 3 months for $20.00. If I am in the red on July 1st you will see a refund on July 1st for $130.00. But my guess is the baseball season will end up a good one and we will all make money. We will see:)

In addition sports betting on football is only months away now. After betting baseball for 5 months football is like a Hawaii vacation which I am long overdue for! As all of you that have been with me for the last 13 years football and in particular the NFL is my favorite sports to handicap. Yes they have gotten tougher to handicap as the “sharp bettors” keep growing in numbers and the books keep adjusting for that.

It used to be sports betting in the NFL you would look at a game and laugh how easy it was going to be. You could actually expect 12 pt dogs winning outright based upon the variables I use. Poker players would actually get physically mad when I told them my top pick of the weekend. Yet to discover I had another easy win. I have made quite a bit of money betting poker players on the NFL.

But the good old days are not around anymore and handicapping the NFL now requires more then then variables I used 10 years ago. If you do not adjust you do not have a chance in sports betting. You have to be able to look at the game at 3 different levels. How do the books, sharps and public view the game. And then watch to see how the line opens and moves relative to the three participants betting on the game.

Now you do this in the other sports also but the huge difference in betting volume in the NFL makes the numbers much more reliable. In addition the NFL to the public is an addiction. It’s what every punter cannot wait to jump into each year.

Can you tell I am ready for football:)

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Good Luck Today

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