We are in the midst now of the 2nd half of MLB..but the NFL is not far off!!!!

I finished up with College Football but have not double checked everything which I will tonight:

Over an 8 year period:

1 unit plays


121-95  56.02% with a 7.64% ROI


48-28  63.15%   22.63 ROI

Not quite as good as the NFL but pretty solid results!!!


Monday in MLB we had three 1/2 unit plays that went 1-2. Seattle +129 won 4-3 Tampa +124 lost 4-7 and San Diego +170 lost 2-10.

We also had 3 big move games:

Tampa Bay +123

Minn +123

Yankees +108

The closing line was :

Tampa Bay +119

Minn +129

Yankees -108

So overall the lines moved our way.

Today so far we have one 1/2 unit play and 6 big move games. The most I can remember in one day.

I keep getting asked about college football and just wanted to let you know I am finishing rounding up the numbers from earlier years and will break it down as I have broken down the NFL. Tomorrow most likely I will be able to put them out.

I also have been asked to put out my top 10 free handicapping sites like what I am doing with the stock market. I am working on that…its on my list:)

Also so far I am most likely not going to enter the Hilton contest this year. But I will put out my top 5 games each week for subscribers. I of course might change my mind but now I am thinking no.

Good Luck Today


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