A miracle happened!!! 2-0 in MLB for +2.73 Units!!! Shutouts in both games!!!

A miracle happened!!! 2-0 in MLB for +2.73 Units!!! Shutouts in both games!!!

Wednesday we had 2 plays, both in MLB, and went 2-0.

Dodgers +127  won 2-0 and San Diego +146.

We also had 4 big move games going 2-2 online prediction.

San Diego +127     +141   +.14

Pitt -159       -150     -.09

Atlanta +112      100    +.12

Baltimore +128     +127   -.01

That brings us to 35  Big move games with a predictive ability of 26-8-1 with an average move of .1091.

Today so far I have sent out no plays. I have sent out 4 big move games last night for today.

A few housekeeping notes for subscribers. The spreadsheet I keep on google sheets has all the daily plays in all sports. As I indicated for purposes of the MLB special, one week after the results are posted on the spreadsheet they are then official. So, any corrections either way are to be made within a week from posting.

I have put in Caps the games that are now official for purposes of the special.

So, if you are inclined to double check my numbers, please take a look at the sheet daily for errors. As most of you know I do make them from time to time.


So again, it is not what I post on the website. The official numbers are what is in the spreadsheet.

In addition, if anyone has any questions or information you feel might be useful feel free to send me an email.

I am making changes as I see what might help out subscribers. Lately, we have had the breakdown of every game sent via email. Last year it was the Big Move games that were very helpful and popular.

For those of you considering joining here is what you get daily aside from plays:

models  Variables  Pub%  Lean or Pass

MIL MIL                       MIL   LEAN  MIL
TOR                NEU

I give this breakdown for every game of the day usually.

They are sent out to subscribers who wish to receive them via email.

In addition, I send out the “Big Move Games” These are sent out either the night before or the early morning of game day. They have been very predictive of where the line is going to move.

We also are in the playoffs for the NHL and NBA.

Good Luck Today


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