MLB April Season to date results is in! Come join is for the rest of the season……It is FREE to join!!!

April is now behind us so its time to see how my new database is working out in MLB.

April numbers are:

MLB 2022
Sides: 28-22 +9.02 (Top to bottom swing has been -4.5 to +9.02)
Totals 1-5 -4.40        (Top to bottom swing ….not enough games)
MLB Regular Plays started 4/29
Sides : 0-2   -2.00
Season to date combined: +2.62
Sides line bet to closing line : 31-17    241 +5.02  better than closing line per game
Totals line bet to closing line: 4-0-2

A lot to digest here but lets go through this and see what we can figure out:)

First after the smoke cleared we were +2.62 units for the month of April.

That included:  Overnight Sides 28-22   +9.02 Units

Overnight Totals  1-5   -4.40 Units

Regular plays( Plays made during the day of the game) 0-2   -2.0 Units


Some things to note of significance:

  1. Top to bottom swings on the overnight sides was -4.5 to +9.02 Units. We finished on the high side of this range.
  2. While overnight totals were 1-5 the number beat the closing number  4-0-2  
  3. Overnight Sides beat the closing number 31-17 or 64.5%. As long as we keep this up I suspect these overnight sides will be 

profitable for the season.


I received some emails regarding the lack of NBA plays. There has not been anything I could see worth betting on. As you know I need three things to line up to consider a game a play. 1. Model Edge   2. Variable Edge 3. Public % Edge

The new MLB models are looking fine. There is reason to be optimistic this season as you never know when you switch up things with entirely new models.

But so far with these hitting almost 65% beating the closing line, and a nice 9 unit gain on overnight sides, it appears we are on the right track

But it is only the end of April. MLB is a grueling season.  Top to bottom swings can be 30 or 40 units in a typical season. So we will see:)

That is why I have made MLB free for everyone this season.   

Sign up by sending me an email to I will add you to the email list, and also add you to my two 

slack channels.

The first Channel is     Rickjsports and the second channel is RickJInvest

The invest channel gives you access to my daily pre market comments, along with my intra day comments. In addition, I post many of my trades as I make them. The most popular is the two day short put sales. I make these on Thursday morning for friday expiration. These have been as solid a method as I have run into.

It is something I developed in all sports was halted during the pandemic. I worked on this for months, and then came up with something I felt was a viable short term method of picking up  income. I trade every one of these myself.

Typically I trade in 10 or 20 lots. But depending on your bankroll size you can adjust up or down.

Over the last 20+ years I have been constantly improving this site and my service. For 49.00 a month the value is the best out there. But now, its free:) Until College football starts. Then all the subscriptions I have placed on pause will be reactivated, and those that want to join are free to subscribe if they with to continue.

It is all monthly so you are no locked in to a large one season fee per sport like many services.

Again, just send me an email to and I will have you signed up right away.

Come join us for a fun and FREE MLB season.


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