MLB on Independence Day

MLB on Independence Day

Sunday we had a bit of everything. A 1 unit plays, a 1/2 unit plays and s setup on a MLB total.

Our 1 unit play was on Minn +140 and they won 5-4. The 1/2 unit plays were Milw +165 and it lost 8-9 even though Milw outhit St. Louis 16-11. They did put on a nice try on the top of the 9th with a 4 run inning but came up just short.

Our setup was a total Seattle U 8.5 -102 losing 9-4.

Finally, we had 2 big move games:

Pitt +137
Mets +110

With the closing line:

Pitt +129
Mets +102

Both moved our way by game time.

Today I have sent out two 1 unit plays along with 1 big move game.

These big move games in mlb are games that to me look like they are prime for a big move by game time. I take into consideration a number of factors in arriving at my conclusion.

Logically these would be best early in the season and then tighten up the later we go. These games should not be a blanket ok to wager on but merely to use with your own handicapping. Using these as filters would be a very good application for them.

We are a week away from the All-Star Break and now looks like we are getting a nice run. The swings so far have been very tame to the extent that any kind of solid run to the positive side will leave us in a position to have a good season. Perhaps it’s my optimism showing but we will see:)

I have been getting some emails regarding both the Hilton NFL Contest and if I will have any type of package for the football season.

Right now I am on the fence as to whether I will be entering the Hilton contest.I vacillate back and forth and have no idea right now what I will decide. I will let everyone know as we get into August.

As far as a handicapping package I doubt anyone can find a better value anywhere. The subscription is a small monthly amount where you can discontinue whenever you wish.

Most of the popular handicapping services charge from $1500 on up just for the NFL. Then add onto that if you want college football. Typically it’s a nonrefundable lump sum fee.

In as much as I view this site a bit differently than other handicapping services I make it as value oriented as possible.

If you are new and have any doubts about my NFL handicapping abilities you can take a look at the Hilton contest and see where I have come in any of the past 10 years. I have not cashed but have been in a position to cash most years. With typically over 1000 entrants and cashing used to be top 20 and now top 50.

In addition, you can take a look at my results in where I came in 8th with 61% for last season.

For those of you that have been following me now over the years then you already know:)

At the very least you will get 100% transparency and 100% honesty. In addition to the plays you also me available for my opinions on any game of your choosing. As I am also in the trenches betting these games along with you.

I do not take lightly my responsibility to members of our group.

Enough on that for this morning. However if anyone has any questions do not hesitate to send me an email.

Good Luck Today

RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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