MLB Keeps rolling along in September!!!

4:00 Update

Three college football games tonight:


E Mich

Betting is 63% on the road favorite with the line moving from -3.5 to -6. My models show a slight edge to E. Mich. Variables are neutral and public betting is neutral. Typically on steam games like this if your thinking about the favorite its a bit late to jump on board. I am passing



Betting is 59% on the road favorite with the line moving from -23 to -21.5. Variables and models are neutral. Public betting is also neutral. This game is a pass



Betting is 65% on the home Favorite with the line moving from -1.5 to -2.5-119. A few books have the line at -3. Models favor USC, Variables favor USC public betting is still a question mark 2 hours before the game. So a lot can happen before then. For me it would be either USC or a pass.

Good Luck Tonight which ever side you choose


We had a 1 Unit play in MLB baseball on Thursday winning with the Angels +155 2-0.

We also had 1 Big Move game:

Atlanta +138

Closing line:

Atlanta +117

A big move in our favor for the only big move game yesterday.

Today I have sent out 2 big move games. Also I have sent out 2 one unit plays for college football tomorrow.

MLB keeps rolling along in September with a 19-13 +12.96 unit month going so far. Also an 8-2 run the last four days!

Who would of thought on 9/23rd that we would all be looking forward for the next MLB play:)

Sports betting is something that will expose you to many different things that seem impossible. In that nature its very similar to poker. If you put in enough hours you will see things you could not think possible. For instance when I stopped playing I was on an 0-15 streak with AA23 in Omaha 8!!!  Or when I played hi limit holdem I had a 15-0 win streak with AA. Thats in a limit game.

I received the following email this morning:

“Hi Rick, great start to the season! Just wanted to say that I always appreciate when you post your thoughts on a game even when it does not make it into your Plays as I am always looking for more action! Keep up the good work.”

My response:

” I am going to try to get out more analysis on some of the big games. So far this year I have had a multitude of issues I have had to deal with outside of the gambling arena. But things are settling down and I might be able to get a bit more focused on these short game comments”

If anyone has any questions regarding this site or what I do I welcome any and all emails. If you have been following this site and whether you are a subscriber or not I would appreciate your passing along to other sports bettors information about this site. I also would welcome any ideas on promoting this site. I do what I can but its an area that I am not that proficient in.

Good Luck Today


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