MLB Overnight Plays for 4/21 , Season to date MLB

As most of my subscribers know MLB season will be free for everyone, subscribers and guests alike. As I explained the reason was the transition from Slack to Discord, and I will be busy will some personal projects over the summer.

So in the event they interfere with the time I will be spending handicapping I thought it best just to make everything free until the beginning of College Football when things should be settled down on my end.

With that in mind I will be posting my overnight plays and all plays daily.

So lets start out with the overnight plays I sent out last night at 9:00 PM PST

MLB Overnights for 4/21
903    E CABRERA -R
904 CUB  K HENDRICKS -R -125

Season to date for these is:

2024 Season
Overnight Sides
1-4  -2.88
line change
3-1-1  +.046

Overnight Sides
17-15  +3.18
Line Change
22-9-1 +.054

The sides speak for themselves. The Line change is the advantage between the line we got early, and the closing line. Right now it is +.054 per wager.

This is about the minimum I would expect based upon historical numbers since I have been wagering on these.

I will start posting the top to bottom swing soon. Usually the avg swing is at a minimum of 10 units on up to 30 units.

Drawdowns using this method are much lower than day of the game betting, at least they have been in the past.

The last 3 seasons were all winning seasons for the overnight side plays. The typical season is about +10 to 15 units. That is where we were at last

season but I let it run past September which I usually do not do. And gave back about 8 units:(

So this season will end the end of October for MLB Overnights.

NBA and NHL playoffs are in full swing now. If any plays develop I will also post them here.

We had a good season in the NBA this year :

NBA 2023/2024 (All 1/2 Unit this season)
Sides 2-3-1
Sides 6-4
Sides 11-8
Sides 4-0

Season to date  32-25-1

So far there have been no plays in the playoffs

There were no plays in the NHL this season.

You can get more up to date timely plays by sending me an email to

I will sign you up on the email list, and send you an invite to my two discord servers: RickJSports and RickJInvest

I post most of my trading and discussion of the markets on RickJInvest

Hope to see you join us. Or just check back here from time to time to see what the plays are.


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