MLB plays still picking up this month!!!

Wednesday we had two 1 unit plays in MLB , however, one of them had a pitching change that took the game off for us. On the one remaining, we won with Baltimore -106 3-2.

We also had 5 big move games:

Washington -221

Tampa Bay -131

Angels -128

San Diego +128

Minn +165 (pitching change deleted this one)


Closing lines:

Washington -204

Tampa Bay -147

Angels -123

San Diego +111

So a mixed bag yesterday on big move games two our way and two against. I have added several items to the big move games. 1. They are listed in the order of chance of a big move as I see it and 2. in rare cases I will label a game as a middle. This to me creates outstanding chances of a middle. Will not be many of these.

Today I sent out two 1 unit plays along with 3 big move games. One of the games I labeled a middle. Let’s see how it plays out!

Also, I received the following message about MLB next season:

“What is your plan for MLB 1/2 unit bets next year? I feel like the totals are going to be bumped to full units, but what about the others?”

My response:

“Totals probably. 1/2 unit in MLB will stay but obviously many of the methods in that category are not going to make it to next season. I will post a more detailed explanation on the site”

Let me add that the breakdown between 1 unit and 1/2 unit plays on sides in MLB is dependent on real-time testing of my new methods. I have some that have been successful going back over 10 years! I have found though that 2 years of real-time testing is enough to place a method into the one unit category. For real-time of less than 2 years and more that 1 year, it goes into a 1/2 unit category.

Next season some of the 1/2 unit methods will be put aside as some as you can see failed miserably in the 2nd year of testing. But that is the way handicapping goes. If you wish to be conservative you can just take 1 unit plays. Myself I feel that 1 year provides an ample amount of time to wager 1/2 unit sizes. Of course, you could not tell it from this season:)

The Football special will remain in effect until 8/14th. After that the value has diminished to the extent I would not want to make it available. So 11 more days to sign up for the football special. Hope to see you join us!

Good Luck Today


RickJ Handicapping Picks



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