MLB sports betting Roadmap of the Arizona vs L.A. Dodgers game now up

On Saturday we had our first play sports betting College Football and it turned out to be an easy winner. Washington State -3 won 41-19.
We also had 4 Bet or Pass games.
Two in MLB Totals and two in NCAA FB Sides.
We went 3-0-1, with San Fran Under 8+107 and Atlanta Under 8 +107 A push.
Bet or Pass in College football we had Iowa -8.5 winning 33-7 and S Alabama +10.5 Covering 26-30.
A good day overall with Plays 1-0 and Bet or Pass 3-0-1!!!
Today we have 1 Bet or Pass Total in MLB pending
The early numbers do not show much today. The best of the bunch seems to be Cincinnati. But it’s early and this can change.
We also have 1 college football game today at 4:30 P.S.T. I will have a roadmap on the game up later this afternoon.
Yesterday early evening I had to take my wife to the Bellagio to drop her off to meet some friends. I thought what better time to run over to Westgate and sign up for the NFL Supercontest:)
So, I am again entered this year in the $1500 Contest. I suspect they will have upwards of 3000+ entrants this year and will pay the top 100 spots. A big difference than when I first started entering when they only paid the top 20 spots and had a fraction of the entrants.
The only difference now is that Westgate has turned the contest into a money-making venture charging somewhere in the neighborhood of 8% off the top:( But I consider it an advertising cost as my entrant name is That leads you directly to my website.
I will again post my Contest picks for Subscribers shortly after 11:00 A.M. on Saturday.
The free game breakdown for today is:
Arizona 64% 7.5 7.5u-110
L.A. Dodgers 36% -150/+138 -173/+159
Model Edge : L.A Dodgers 25+
Variable Edge: No Edge
Public % Edge: L.A. Dodgers Average Edge
An interesting game where only 36% of the betting is on the home favorite and the line has moved contrary to the betting substantially. Yet the models still show the Dodgers to be undervalued here.
The only negative is there are no variables in this game and without variables, I do not wager on the game. But if your thinking about going with 64% of the public and betting on Arizona, I would suggest giving the game a 2nd thought. To me, its either lay the odds on the Dodgers or stay away from the game.

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College Football sports betting has now started and we are off to a great start with plays 1-0 and Bet or Pass games 3-1.
The NFL sports betting  is a week away.
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