MLB Sports Betting is starting! Find out about our MLB special here!

The sports betting for the NCAA Final Four is coming up in a few days. I will have a breakdown of each game to subscribers as we get closer to the game time.

But importantly MLB overnights begin tonight! Yes, MLB season is here.

The overnights this season will all be 1 unit plays and will be sent out for all months except the last month of the regular season.

For those of you that have been with me you know that the overnights are some of the most successful handicapping that has come along in some time.

I have been following these for some time but last season I decided to start putting them out as 1/2 unit plays 5 weeks into the season.

To give you an idea of how last season sent

We had the following record for our overnights:

85 BMG 60-21-4
AVG MOVE +10.317

JULY 524
75 BMG  54-13-3
AVG MOVE +7.277

JUNE 420
81 BMG 54-23-3
AVG MOVE +5.185

MAY 452
79 BMG 49-25-5
AVG MOVE +6.621

420 BMG 297-115-14
AVG MOVE  +7.414

The above numbers reflect the accuracy of the model in predicting the line moves off the opener in MLB.

Not only does the overnight model have a high prediction rate on the move it also produces a positive EV over the course of the season. If you into middles there typically are a substantial amount of middle opportunities.

Last season for results we ended up 128-131  +4.435 on sides and 11-5-1 +2.82 units on totals. These are the overnights and reflect betting 1/2 units.

So, extrapolating it out about +13 units if you were betting 1 unit plays. Now, I did not start putting them out until after week 5 and Sept swooned on these plays, which I am eliminating this season.

I expect the overnights to have a lot of potential this season.

The special I have fun the last two season will stay in effect, being if you’re a subscriber from day 1 until the end of regular season and I do not have a winning regular season in MLB you get a 1/2 refund of all money paid in during that time.

So far I have not had to pay out any refunds:)  In addition, you get all plays in the other sports I handicap during this time at no extra charge!!!

Come join us by going to and picking the monthly subscription under the PayPal menu. I will have you signed up within the hour.

Plays will be going out 11 to 4 PST the day before the next day’s games.

Note, you will need an out that puts out overnight lines. It is not that important to find a 10c line on the overnights. For regular plays its mandatory.

Hope that explains it, and hope to see you on board with us.

Good Luck Today


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