MLB totals now on a 7-1 run and sides an 8-2 run!!! Follow Rick_sports for a free trial.!!!

Plays are picking up in June with 6 plays on Tuesday going 4-2.

We had 3 overnights, 1 MLB total, and 2 sides. All were 1/2 unit plays.

Cinci +122 won 13-1, White Sox +156 won 4-2, Phil +113 won 3-1. Angels +140 won 5-3, Pit +115 lost 5-6 and Yankees under 8.5-114 lost 5-4.

Of note, the 7-0 winning streak in MLB ended yesterday. Nice while they last:)

So far today I have sent out 3 overnight plays. These are sent out around 3 to 5 pm PST.

I wrote up a few paragraphs as to what I thought was a great wager if you can get on Wray being confirmed by the Senate. I received a response that is right on point:

“Rick – A wise man told me to never vary my number of units just because something looks so good.

1 unit play, can’t back up the truck….lol”

It’s good to see my lessons have not been for naught:)  Perhaps I should read them over myself!

Let me add, that in evaluating wagers like this you cannot evaluate them based on the merit of the situation. Politics overshadows everything on these wagers so you need to factor that in when trying to figure out the odds.

The good thing is on these wagers is if you’re up on this you are most likely in as good a spot as the Linemakers on these bets. You might even be at a better position as the public bias might be even more intense than in sports.

Some lines I saw this morning on the FBI wager:

Senate to vote on FBI nominee by 7/31  9-2 in favor

That is all I can find so far. That looks pretty good getting over 4 to 1 on the don’t. But I would not be interested in betting it.

Another wager is the Georgia special election. You can get around +130 to wager on Handel. That is a close one but I think the value is on Handel.  I have said before that these lines in my judgment are undervalued for the Republicans as the polling is likely to be skewed.  But it is close enough I do not think there is enough EV to wager on the event.

I will point out these opportunities from time to time when they come up. As it is a good exercise in logic as opposed to the methodical approach I take in sports betting.

Good Luck Today


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