MLB is winding down now, what should we expect the final 2 weeks of the season?

MLB is winding down now, what should we expect the final 2 weeks of the season?

We are in the slow time of the year, at least during the week with MLB winding down. Typically the last 2 or 3 weeks produces dramatically fewer plays than the regular season.

We have 11 days left in the regular season with October 1st being the last day.

Interestingly after a 0-9 start to the season, we have been hovering around above the plus column for a while now. Every time we get to around +5 units we end up coming back to the 0 mark.

Right now for the season, we are +1.5 units. That means the 1/2 refund is certainly in play:)

So let’s see where we are in a week or so. The suspense is killing me!

We have been on a pullback the last few days to get to +1.5 units losing our last several 1/2 unit plays.

Today so far we have 1 play in MLB.

Looking over the NFL this weekend there are several games that look pretty good right now. None however as good as Indy looked last week. It will be rare I put out a play before Saturday on the NFL.

I am just getting started on this weekends College football, so have ways to go on that. I always tackle the NFL first as it has always been my favorite sport to handicap.

The NFL is really an exercise in Logic with some number crunching. But the logic of it all is what makes it enjoyable.

I received an interesting email I would like to share:

“You are usually the one sharing stories but I have two that you will appreciate (or not).

#1 – I’m at Foxwoods 2/5NL the Saturday before Week 1. The guy to my right has his tablet open to sportsinsight and discussing with player across from him about fading the Top plays in the Westgate contest. The other player begins talking about certain college games that he played due to the public being on the other side.

#2 – I play in a 12-event wsop poker league (won a seat this past year). As I’m writing while we are waiting for cards to be in the air  the conversation is about how one guy went 13-2 this week in the NFL and that if not for his models he would have been 14-1. The other player agrees that you have to trust the models all the way through.

Welcome to Sports Handicapping in 2017 where the poker table discussions are about fading the public and the proper utilization of models. LOL. :-)”

It’s always great to get other gamblers stories. I must have played in different circles as almost everyone I had played with “always” had the public side:)

Good Luck Today


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