Sunday we lost our 1/2 Unit play on Minn and split on our MLB Totals tracking setups…winning Setup B and losing Setup A

Today does not look like there will be any plays.

Monday MLB Totals Tracking Setup B ( I do not bet these)

Texas U 9.5 -105
Arizona U 8 -105

I will update later if anything else develops.

Good Luck Today

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  • Cam

    Hey Rick.

    Couple Questions about poker.

    I have read everything you have written and found that is has drastically improved my game.

    I am currently on a downswing. Been almost a week straight of continual bad beats. One outters always popping up on the river. Guys pulling flushes or straights out with only 3/5 cards they need after the flop and getting the turn and river to miraculously hit.

    Guys calling pocket Kings or Aces with low cards and flopping straights. It just seems no end to it.

    The first few days I was able to get past it. What I would say to myself is “I am playing the game right. I am making the right calls, making the right bets, sucking guys into pots properly.” The odds are in my favor but continuously the 3 – 10 % chance of losing the pots are hitting. But an extended downswing like this is just killing me. I am starting to get really frustrated with it.

    My question is what do you say to yourself to get through these extended downswings? What kind of mentality do you have? How do you not let it bother you? Because it is starting to effect my game whether I like it or not.

    Any input would be great.

    Thanks for your time.

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