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Buy 687 SSo 72.76

Sunday there was no plays and we lost our MLB total tracking setup Washington U 7.5. The game went over the number in the 5th with the final total 15!

Today no tracking setups…and one game that is close to a play. But its a late game and my guess is it most likely will not be a play…but close enough to carefully watch the numbers.

If anything changes I will update. The game starts at 7.. a late game…so….update might be as late as 6:30 pst.

A Poker Comment:

Hello! My friend has a terrible gambling problem(omaha and hold’em) that is ruining his family. Can you send me the article you wrote a few months back regarding why you dont play omaha anymore. Thanks”

I do not have the article in front of me…but you can get posts only related to poker and it should be one of the last 5 or so. Also….I doubt my article will help. It sounds like you need to get an intervention going with the family and a counselor immediately. Sometimes that works and sometimes not…but its about the only thing I know of that has a chance to stop the slide into oblivion. Losing your family over self destructive habits is the greatest tragedy of all.

Good Luck

Swing trade comment:

With the market down 225 and sliding I am tempted to put on a swing trade in the spy. But I most likely will make that decision towards the end of the trading day. Things look pretty gloomy right now in the markets….and thats the time to consider swing trading:)

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