MLB Update

A Pitching change for the Dodgers tonight….Kershaw is going…..that changes things to a no bet on tonights game.

2:00 Update

Tonight 75% of the bettors like Atlanta. The line opened at -9.5 +105 and is now -10 +104 on Pinnacle. On Cris -7.5 -120 and is now -9.5. Almost everything I look at points to the jets tonight. However there is one variable that points strongly to Atlanta and that is keeping me from betting the game. But for me tonight it would be the jets or a pass. I am passing. They are one of my picks in the Hilton contest.

Sunday we won our 1 unit play on Oakland in the NFL. An easy win for a change as they lead the entire game. We lost our 1 unit play on Atlanta in MLB. We won our 1/2 unit play on Anaheim in the NHL. My Hilton picks went 3-1 with the jets left for this evening.

Monday MLB Play
1 Unit
Atlanta +138

Nothing likely tonight in the NHL and I will have some comments a bit later on the NFL game tonight.

A comment:

“hey rick question about the oakland +4.5 play today. how can you call it a play even when the game isnt for another 12 hours? did u wait till kickoff to place a bet or have any criteria that would downgrade your pick. Just wondering why it was so early, especially with the borderline public percentage.”

There are some games that you can determine early what the public numbers will be. Oakland was one of them. In addition everything else I look at was 100% on Oakland. Rarely do you see a game that one sided with what I look at. In addition at the time Pinnacle had moved the line moved down slightly. So felt it was prudent to get the play out as I thought there were chances the line could go down to 4. Of course that didnt happen…it went up to 6 at many books.

Good Luck Today

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