We won our home lean with San Fran +155 on Sunday. Today a light schedule and for the 1st time in awhile no leans or plays.

I received the following email regarding the Hilton Nfl Contest:

“I have always wanted to join the Hilton Football contest but not being in Vegas I figured I was out of luck. I know that there have been a number of proxy services that have popped up out there. One for example is The Spread.com. They charge a $500 fee and take 1% of any winnings. Do you think this is fair and/or worth it? Do you know of anyone that offers this service and what do you think of a proxy service for this (and other Las Vegas contests) in general.”

My Response:

Proxy services are good if you want to enter the contest and cant make it in. However I am under the impression you still have to sign up in person.

That being said 500 + 1% would with a certainty eliminate any posibility of having a positive expectation in the contest. I dont think even the best Nfl handicapper in the world could over come a 33% disadvantage and thats without the additional 1% off of the back end if you cash.

If your doing it just for entertainment then the 500 fee might be worth it for you since that is the only way to get into the contest without actually coming here. But before doing that I would shop around.

Also there are plenty of nfl contests on the internet from free to entry fee to look at.


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