A light schedule today….and the only home dog is Cleveland….Public is not heavy enough on the white sox…so looks like nothing else today unless things change dramatically.

Follow up email:

“What would you say your risk/reward is on a typical swing trade? Maybe you have a +EV system that has 1% winners and 15% losers?

I’m not hating, love your blog and that you are a no BS guy. “

My response:

The risk reward on any one trade could be 15/1 or more as you suggest(these would be outliers) but overall as I recall the expected return on these trades is somewhere between 1 and 2 %. Of course the individual trades would be all over the board and you would have to do quite a number of trades to get yourself into the expected return area.

So far I have posted about 20 of these trades(so you cannot draw any meaningful conclusions from my trades) but the win loss ration is very high so far…around 80% and the return is easily over 1% with the highest around 4% and largest loss around 2%

My guess is that my return overall will be higher then 2% since my basket of stocks I choose from in making these trades has what I consider a good universe of stocks that are solid with potential gains that will outweigh the market.

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