Sunday another 1-1 day for +.20 units. At least Washington had the lead for awhile but lost 5-3. Seattle hung on to win 1-0 after a scary 7th inning threat.

Today only 1 home dog and its nowhere close to being a pick.

So we get a rest today after a busy weekend.

Ive been getting some emails regarding the comment I posted the other day by a poker player noting some of the regular poker players have severe psychological disorders.

My blog is here to give people that are interested a realistic view of the poker world. There are good points of course and bad. As in anything. As everyone knows that have been reading this blog for any length of time that I feel the toughest part of playing poker is dealing with the various personality types that cohabit the poker rooms.

You get every extreme. And sooner or later exposure to it takes its toll on everyone.

Ideally if your a regular player whose goal is to make money playing its logical to assume you would want to make the playing environment as comfortable as possible for the tourists that frequent the game and also the locals that are casual players.

This should be the goal of all people intent on making money at the tables because it means people will come back for a longer period of time when they are losing players. But if you combine the losing with rudeness and beratement and ridicule you will lose the players you want in the game much sooner then should be expected.

I only bring this up because much of the email I have been getting agrees with the observations of the post I just put up a few days ago.

As spock would say “its illogical to run losing players out of the game”

Mlb 10-11

Play 4-4 +1.79
Lean 5-10 -4.00

play: 7-2 +6.90
Leans: 8-1 +8.84

plays: 1-6 -4.92
Leans: 7-7 +2.30

plays 11-13 +3.66
leans 20-118 +7.14

Good Luck Today

Twitter: rickjsportplays

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