Day 7 no plays….a short schedule so not a big surprise today.

Poker Comments:


I have mentioned this many times before but its always a good idea to keep your ego in check while playing poker. I can’t count the number of players that start out playing that exhibit behavior that they are great players and make no qualms at telling everyone how good they are. And without exception they are humbled by variance and as often bad play.

Of course it can be a very humbling experience and the more outspoken you were about how great you are the more humbling it is going to be.

The best way to act at the table is to keep your outward display of your ego in check. In addition strive to be a good winner and good loser. And keep a respectful and polite attitude to all the players in the game(Especially the live players that have plenty of money!)

Now all of this is easier said then done. Myself I have had to work on it a lot over the years. But I finally came to the realization that if your really playing to show a profit then not only your play but your actions should be geared to producing that result also. Now if you have an introverted personality(such as myself) and its just too uncomfortable to be friendly and outgoing the best approach is to sit quiet and concentrate on playing good.

All of what I have mentioned you would think would be common sense but I can’t count the number or times a reasonable player has cost himself money by running off live players in the game. Everyone has there own particular personality traits but any that are detrimental to showing a profit at the tables should be kept in check. Its not easy and it takes a lot of work(it took me several years to work on mine and Im still working on it) but if you consider it a part of maximizing your profit it should be much easier.

An extreme example is a player from the midwest I have played with over the years and he comes into vegas from time to time. But I have to say he is one of the biggest pricks I have encountered. I am sure that it is just his basic personality. But to his credit I have never seen anyone handle live players in and out of the game as well as him. He is absolutely the best at it of anyone I have run into.

Its amazing when live players come in from out of town to play they always ask if he is in town also just to say hi!

In any event you get the message. And count on it its a very good one to learn and profit by.

Good Luck Today

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