Sunday we continued our good fortune in the NFL. Our pick on Seattle was an easy win with Seattle winning outright as a 6 pt dog.

In the Hilton contest I went 2-2-1. Tampa Bay got blown out….and Green Bay had there chances but lost by 3 in OT. St Louis won outright against San Diego…and Washington got a push losing by 3 to Indy.

In Leroys the half point rule they have went my way getting Washington +3.5 and since they scratched Green Bay my substitute KC covered by a half a point. So 4-1 in Leroys!

So after week 6 in the NFL all football is looking solid with everything hitting over 60%.

I should be in or close to the top 20 in both contests.

Today nothing in the Nhl. Nothing in the NFL.

A Possible play on the baseball game tonight. I will monitor the numbers throughout the day and if anything becomes clear I will update.

An email:

” Rick,
First I want to thank you for the entertaining and profitable blog you have taken the time to update over the last four years. Your poker comments are very entertaining and insightful.

I have been following you from the start and am mystified how easy you make all of this look. I have been betting sports for 20 years now and have followed all of the major handicappers and have paid for many picks. In the 20 years I have never found anyone as consistent and profitable as you. The Nfl is supposed to be unbeatable and yet you seem to take it on year after year and put up winning numbers that are astonishing!

Honestly I cannot comprehend how a free blog like yours can outdo all of these paid sites and with ease.

Can you give us all some insight on how you can so easily do it?

Again I cannot thank you enough. I have made quite a bit of money on your picks and next time I am in Vegas I wish to take you out to dinner…anywhere you wish.

A big fan!!!”

My response:

Thats a tough mail to respond to. Let me start by saying that It gives me quite a bit of satisfaction to know there are people like you out there that appreciate what I am doing. I look forward to posting each day…along with handicapping the games. Its a great hobby for me.

I also always enjoy fellow handicappers coming up to me at the Bellagio and saying Hi and that they enjoy following my blog. I get a lot of comments primarily from fellow gamblers asking how I can do this all for free…..why dont I charge. My response is it would take the fun out of it. I made my money as a trial attorney and business man..and now that I am in vegas and out of those endeavors I wish to enjoy myself with poker and sports.

As far as my success…. Let me just say….my OCD tendencies help:) Along with my analytical abilities that have have served me well over the years.

As most of you that have been following me know we have had our ups and downs…and it has been hit or miss in most sports from the start to find systems that can be relied upon and are consistently profitable. Finally after almost 5 years it appears that every sport with the exception of the nba has a reasonable chance to show a profit each year.

As far as my success compared to many paid sites. If you were paying 500 a month for picks and Saturday they had no picks you might be very unhappy. So many of these handicappers put themselves in a position where they have to come out with picks. Myself If there is nothing there I pass. I have no outside pressures to put out picks. I feel that is more then likely part of the reason.

Good Luck Today

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  • Anonymous

    OCD is not pleasant to live with. My wife has it also. But it looks like you are handling it very well. Your site is the first one I click on when my computer goes o-sorry–after I check my mail.
    Follow you a lot,thanks for the winners.

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