Sunday was a busy day. 2 college hoop plays, 2 nba sides, 4 nfl plays, an nhl play and of course if your following them my 5 contest picks.

Starting out and the most disappointing of all I went 2-3 in both the Hilton and Leroys. Putting me at 55% and 53.5 % in both contests. I would need a miracle finish to get back into it now. Although the Hilton has a 10,000 value added tournament for the last 4 weeks. So that should provide some interest if I can get off to a good start next week.

College hoops finally had a losing day going 0-2. Neither game was close both were clear cut loses. We have had an amazing 2 weeks in college hoops. Those types of runs dont occur very often and I feel fortunate to have hit one so early in the college basketball season. I am sure there will be some tough times ahead in college hoops…its just the nature of sports betting…so be prepared.

The nfl plays went 3-1 putting us at 66% on the nfl side plays for the season. And Oakland even won in a blowout as a 13 pt dog. I had a few emails as to why I didnt put Denver in as a contest play. Interestingly enough I was on my way to the Hilton on thurs and had decided to use Denver instead of Arizona. But I still had mixed feelings about it…since at the time Arizona was a clear cut play…and Denver was on the fence. So I waited a day and Denver moved out of being a play…so went with Arizona on Friday:( And then of course by game time…things reversed. Oh well…these contests are tough:)

Finally in the nhl Phoenix was an easy win.

Today nothing at all in college hoops…..and most likely nothing at all in anything today.

If anything shows up….i will update later.

Also I got a question from another handicapper last week as to why I choose the Giants last week in Leroys when the line at the time was -7 and I layed -7.5 in the contest.

I know for a lot of handicappers that would be a clear cut no play. Myself unless the disparity is big….3 or more points ..which sometimes comes up when the Hilton puts out lines early on scratched games… I only take that into consideration if I have 2 games to choose from and its a close decision. Other wise If its clear to me…I dont let that influence me.

If you just took the games where the Hilton line was better then the current line on Saturday morning you really wouldn’t fare very well.

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  • mouldhouse

    Seems clear from reading a couple of other blogs – people that think basic advantage play is enough are usually very disappointed. Realistically it seems that the mean you will hit is about 53% with a possibility of maybe going 5% either way. Not a good use of a contest entry, in my opinion of course!

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