We split our baseball picks on Sunday. Pitt jumped off to a 2-0 lead in the first but couldnt hold it. The mets however lead the entire game.

Today 3 home dogs but much too early to tell so far.

The market is unchanged about 30 min before the open. We are carrying 4 swing trades. I will be looking to put on more swing trades this week…perhaps as early as this morning. The markets are as oversold as they have been for awhile now.

A Comment:

“Hi Rick,

Is there a reason you buy 10k worth of stock regardless  of the price as opposed to buying shares in blocks of 100.  I buy 500 shares, of course sometimes more or less but it has nothing to do with the price of the stock. I was wondering if I should change my strategy and follow your style. I’m pretty much a rookie in the market. I do remember before the internet a broker telling me it was better to buy in blocks of 100. In your opinion is that true.

Thank You for taking the time and sharing what you do. I’m sure there are many that can learn much from you.

Thanks again”

In this day and age the idea of trading in blocks of 100 no longer applies except perhaps in very thinly traded stocks. Most of the markets are so efficient you can pick any number you like and it won’t make a difference. I pick 10,000 as a guide to accurately track the percentage return. I trade higher numbers myself but the amount you trade should be dependent on what you wish to have at risk. So for instance if our swing trade portfolio is going to be 10 stocks at the highest level and we are fully invested…you are going to have 100,000 in the swing trades.

Also the amount should be the same for each stock to spread out your risk. But be aware that most stocks move in the direction of the way the general markets move. What your protecting yourself from is news related risks to a particular stock.

I hope this gives you a bit of insight into your question.



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