Monday morning

Sunday our Nhl play won easily with New Jersey winning 4-1 as a +135 dog. Today another light schedule. So far the nhl doesnt look very promising. Still too early to tell in the nba and college hoops.

It looks like things have settled down a bit after our slide in college hoops. Its always difficult when you dont have a set handicapping technique in place that has been tweaked over a number of years. But although the drawdown was no fun…it still wasnt very severe. But something very positive has resulted in this….I know have a technique in place that should work well once conference play begins. I have used it the last week without exception and it appears to be on the right track.

I will update later as plays develop.

Stock Picking:

There are more methods to pick stocks for investments then you can imagine. You can waste a lot of time and energy attempting to get proficient and still never get there. In addition your competing with very sophisticated computer models that are running 24/7 with billions of dollars behind them.

The best approach I have found and have been using for a number of years is too follow what the top hedge fund managers are doing. Hedge funds are required to report there purchases, sales and holdings every quarter. These are called 13f filings. These are made public 6 weeks after the filing date. Feb 15th will be the next date of public availability of hedge fund investments.

There was a study released a few years ago that showed that the top 5 holdings by value and the top 5 new purchases of the top hedge fund managers out performed the markets consistently.

So on the 15th I will spreadsheet about 200 stocks that consist of the above holdings of what I consider the top 20 hedge fund managers. Any of my existing investments that are not on the list I sell….and then add from the list when I consider the stock over sold. Now I do look at a few other factors before I purchase a stock from the list but the above is the gist of my technique.

To get the stocks from the 13f filiings you can go to the 13f filings themselves online or you can go to a web site called whale wisdom. All you need do is search for the hedge fund and its holding will come up for you. Thats where i go every quarter.

There is another subscription site that you can go to. AlphaClone does all the work for you. But it only takes about 2 hours a quarter to go through Whale Wisdom.

The downside to this approach is its delayed 6 weeks from actual 13f filings. But since most of the hedge funds are value funds its not much of a negative. In addition my buying the stock when it gets oversold helps out. The positive is that your using the brains of the top hedge fund managers in the business backed by a study that supports the above process.

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  • mouldhouse

    How do you rate the top hedge fund managers? I was always under the
    impression that there is very little year on year continuity with
    hedge funds, and that this years winners are next years losers a lot
    of the time?

    Thanks for the insights posted on the blog

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