Monday Morning

Our nba play lost on Sunday But Natalie Portman won the Oscar and I made a nice gain for a futures bet with no risk. These bets dont come around that often.

Some bad news this morning for matchbook players. I received 3 emails this morning from matchbook that they have sold their company and the new company will no longer be taking U.S. Customers. Of course they give no lead time on the notice so everyone will be scrambling to get their money….including me:(

I just hope its not a repeat of a few years ago when a internet payment vendor froze all funds for about 6 months pending negotiations with the U.S. Govt.

Oh well nothing is easy. It looks to me that they will be pretty efficient in returning funds so most likely not a problem except that Matchbook is no longer available.

A light schedule today…..I will update with plays if any develop.


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  • Paulsam

    Yes Rick that does bring back memories from the days of Neteller and Pinny, Man they were great days and then Neteller had problems and froze everyone’s money. I had money with them also It wasn’t much about $1800 if I remember correctly. Didn’t think I was going to get it but about 6/8 Months later I received my money and was pleasantly surprised. There’s still some good books out there and I use three of them but it’s not anywhere like it use to be.
    I have to leave now but whoever is reading this please check the baseball area in the forum later I have a question about two props yes before you say anything I love baseball props and maybe invest about 1k every year in them. me and a buddy really have a good time with them. So as strict as I am in my sports betting I’m a sucker for baseball props. Talk to you later.

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