Monday ncaa baskets

Nothing the last few days and again nothing today. In addition I have reviewed
the games this week and nothing really stands out as a play. Of course that
can change.

So things are slowing down but of course we have baseball right around the corner.

A word of warning about baseball. I have not had a winning season in
baseball since I started this blog. But as I have done in the nhl I am
picking out a subset of games I feel has the best chance of beating
the spread and applying my methods only to this subset. This will
result in fewer plays but I am optimistic a positive result at the
end of the season.

As most of you know I talk about human nature from time to time on this blog. Usually
as it applies to the various personality types you meet at the poker tables. But
this time it rears its head up in a different place:

I post in a variety of boards because I enjoy the give and take between handicappers and also like to share my work. Its a hobby to me similar to the way someone works crossword puzzles or anagrams.

I have been posting on this one board for over 4 years now. And my posts are all in the same format usually very similar to what I put up on this blog. But after 4 years all
of a sudden 1 day my post without notice to me is moved to the “tout section ” of the board. I send an email out to the moderator and here is what I get back:

“It was reported as promoting, and when I read the post it seemed to be promoting a service with all the references to “we”.

Plus it told people to go to your blog for updates:

As always I will update my blog and twitter if anything new develops.”

You just have to scratch your head. As most of you know good content is hard to find
on most of these sports betting boards. And here you have someone that has posted the entire ncaa basketball season with his picks and hit a bit over 60% and then after 4 years you want to nitpick with him over the word “we” and letting people know that he only has time to update during the day on his blog since he plays poker during the afternoon.

Needless to say he has lost a good free content provider for his board.

You never know what to expect from human nature. Its very random and illogical. But of course if you expect that it doesn’t seem all that strange. My years at the poker tables has conditioned me:)

As always I will update this blog and twitter if anything develops today.

Good Luck

Twitter: rickjsportplays

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  • Anonymous

    Very interesting…

    While you speak of human nature, you are doing what is logical/normal/expected for someone to do after recieving that note. You could go against that and continue to post. After all, you weren't trying to impress/share information with/help out the moderator were you? By leaving the board you are only hurting the people who found your messages helpful/insightful.

    Just something to think about.

  • Anonymous

    That's really is a shame Rick. You are simply looking to share with others what you hope to be profitable opinions while exchanging thoughts and ideas with others that would be interested. In no way have you promoted anything. That is so absurd.
    That would make me feel sad if I were you. But as you said human behavior can be random and strange so you have to roll with it.
    Anyway, I just wanted you to know I empathize with you.

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