Monday plays

We had 2 plays on Sunday and split for +.37 units. Toronto won and Seattle Lost.

921 TOR – J Parrish +137 W
922 – E Jackson

927 – C Lee
928 SEA – C Silva +120 L

Today nothing early I can see. I waited to post since one play was close but it didnt develop.

If you want on the email or text messaging list for early and late plays just drop me an email. I will still post both on this blog.

The split between early and late plays is about 50-50 and I would expect that to continue through the rest of the season. These late plays are FREE. Just send me your email address and I will add you to the group receiving late plays.

Poker comments

Sunday’s Omaha 8 Session

I usually don’t post what occurred on any particular day but Sunday was a very instructive day for a variety of reasons.

1st. My day was miserable. I played about 12 hours and won 5 hands all day. To make matters worse I had a 8 hour stretch of no hands. I lost almost 30 big bets and left the game finally after losing 3 hands in a row…I had a456 suited on the ace. This inst a great hand in a 10 handed omaha 8 game but is worth seeing the flop. Its almost a certainty that someone has a3 or a2 or both out against you…but being suited along with low straight possibilities make it a reasonable hand to play. Although if its 3 bets to me it would be an easy fold and 2 bets to me depending on the players an easy fold.

In any event I flop a pair with a backdoor flush draw and proceed to counterfeit my 4 on the turn and A on the river with the board reading A3457 with 4 clubs. There are 4 people in the pot and I am last to act. The first player leads into the pot..there are then 2 calls to me. I fold having the live 6 low. The original better showed 2228 with 2 clubs. I knew that was a bad sign. In any event my live 6 would of gotten a quarter of the pot. Then the last hand I had 2347 and flopped a straight with a 23 low. It was 3 handed going into the river and a flush hit giving me nothing.

If you play 22 days a month I have found that at least 1 or 2 days your going to experience a miserable session every month. It may not cost you 30 big bets but occasionally it will. There is just no way to avoid it that I know of. So you should expect it and not be disapointed if you dont get it:)

2nd. There was a player playing in the game who had won every day for the last 3 weeks. All pretty good wins. Well finally he had some rough luck which was bound to happen. But amazingly enough he actually got mad at his misfortune! He got double counterfeited on his A23 with the board flopping a 23 and you would of thought it was the end of the world. He had a few hands like that and then lost a big pot….stood up and actually tried to tear up the plastic deck and then yelled if you want to throw me out its fine with me.

Now I have seen people lose it after extended losing streaks many times. There was one professional player after a very very bad run who came into the game and he actually looked like Robert Deniro in Taxi Driver right before he went on his killing spree except his head wasnt shaved.

But really after winning every day for 3 weeks?? Ah there it is …Human nature again.

And finally to top things off another player who was running rough…got dealt 3333… and immediately complained and put his cards face up on the table when it was his turn to act…and this was when there were 5 or six players in the pot! Then after losing another hand got mad at the dealer yelling at her. When she called the floor the player knew he was wrong but then asked the floor to write her up for chewing gum in the box!

Oh yes I almost forgot….after my 6 or 7 hour stretch of no hands I finally got a hand and raised…and someone who was up about 4,000 in the game has the nerve to yell out….Rick Raised! I really love to get needled during a rough stretch. A real gem of a person!

It must of been a full moon out….since things are loony about every day but usually not this crazy.

Just another day at the Bellagio.

If any of you have more questions or comments ask away…poker , sports, vegas.

On the upper right hand corner of my blog I have a link to all previous posts of poker comments

Late Plays.

we had no late plays on Sunday

Late play record

MLB 08 season
Sides: 20-26 -0.63
Total: 6-4 +1.95

Wnba 08
Sides 4-4 -0.20

Arena football
Sides 0-1 -1.05
Total0-1-1 0.00
Sides 6-6 +1.15
Total 0-1-2 -1.00
Sides 25-16 +8.20
total 10-12-1 – 1.65
Sides: 1-0 +1.00
Total: 0-1 -1.05
totals: 7-5-1 + 1.75
sides: 8-23 -11.19
Total: 7-12 – 5.65

Wnba 07
Sides: 1-1 0.00
Total: 0-2 -2.15

Good Luck


Record to date:

MLB (08 season)
Sides: 22-18 +9.39
Total: 1-1-1 -0.10

MLB(07 Season)
Sides: 71-93 +3.79
O/U: 24-21-1 + 2.40

mlb(06 season,started end of season)
Sides: 17- 14 +6.83
o/u 3-8-1 -5.09

NFL (07-08)completed
Sides 18-10 +7.50
Total 0-1 -1.05

nfl(06-07 completed)
Sides 26-10-1 +15.56
o/u 7-4 +2.83

Sides: 19-10-1 +8.50
Totals: 33-15-2 +17.15

ncaafb (06-07 completed)
Sides 36-27-2 +9.14
o/u 11-12 -1.63

NBA 07-08
Sides 11-14 -3.60
Total 6-8 -2.35

Nba 06-07 completed
Side 78-77 -2.75
o/u 31-25 +4.98

NHL (07 Season)
Sides: 4-12 -6.75

nhl06-07 completed
sides 35-36 +6.66
total 4-5 -1.10

Arena Football
Total: 1-0 +1.00

Sides: 5-1 +3.95
Total: 0-1 -1.05

Oct06: 132 bets + 11.63 units +8.81%
Nov06: 105 bets + 25.19 units +24.0%
Dec06: 94 bets + 1.99 units +2.11%
Jan07: 57 bets + 6.92 units +12.14%
Feb07: 31 bets -6.75 units -21.77%
Mar07: 40 bets -9.75 units -24.37%
April07: 34 bets +3.42 units +10.06%
May07: 49 bets -3.64 units -7.43%
JUne07: 46 bets +14.66units +31.87%
July07: 45 bets -7.26 units -16.13%
Aug07: 37 bets +2.63 units +7.10%
Sep07t 65 bets +11.29 units +17.37%
Oct07: 28 bet +16.10 +57.50%
Nov07: 40 bet +2.00 units +5.39%
Dec07: 18 bets 0.05 units +2.78%
Jan08: 12 bets -3.60
Feb 08 5 bet +0.80
Mar 08 17 bets -5.10
April 08 12 bets +5.91
May 08 9 bets +2.33
June 08 11 bet +1.08
july 08 11 bets -0.02
Year2 165 bet +18.99 +15.75%
Year1 734 Bets + 50.70 units +6.91%
Total: 899 bets +69.99 +7.68%

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