Monday plays

Nothing on Sunday and nothing again even close to a play today.

Poker comments:

Table 40

For years when the Omaha 8 game started the table the players played on
was table 40 which happens to be next to the sports book rail where one
can see the odds and tvs in the book along with the horse racing easily.

The game at the bellagio started out 15-30 then went to 20-40 and stayed that
way for quite awhile on table 40.

As usual things developed among the regular players where 1 or 2 of them
took control and essentially thought it was “their game” bringing
donuts some mornings and strictly setting the rules for the other players.

Then something happend about 2 years ago. The game died out. With the house taking
700 to 800 thousand dollars a year out of the game and not many new players this
shouldnt of come as a surprise. Unless you get a steady influx of new players
no game can last. After all most of the players are on a short bankrolls and also
playing at a limit that is above there bankroll to begin with.

To make a long story shorter after no game for a few months the 30-60 omaha 8 game
sprung up with a 40-80 kill. It took off and has never looked back for the last 2 years. 1 of the 2 players I talked about is now gone…he couldnt stand the higher limits along with the better quaility of play. In stead of playing at a level with all of the rest he dropped down to being one of the worst players. It took about year for him to drop down to 10-20 at a different casino.

There is 1 left and he has stubbornly tried to wrestle with the idea its his game:)

This manifested itself with the 9 or 10 handed I wrote about previously and also with table 40.

The problem with table 40 is that you might as well have it a smoking table. Its next to the sports book and without exception you have to smell most of the day cigar
smoke and cigarette smoke. When I go home I cough and my clothes smell like smoke.

Now you would think it would be a no brainer to move to a different table that has better lighting, better ventilation, and away from the smokers. But alas there is nothing that is a no brainer when it comes to the leftovers from the 20-40 Omaha 8 game. Its been a long fight but the health conscious players that play higher limits have prevailed so that 90 percent of the time we are spared the misfortune of having to play at table 40.


Just another typical set of events at the omaha 8 table:)

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