My take on the Corona Virus for March 14th. Some thoughts for a Saturday afternoon:)

With the lack of sports games to handicap I am going crazy:) I have been handicapping sports every day for 16 years now and posting my plays right here on the site and to subscribers.

But here we are and no games until MLB decides to start.

So, I have some time, let’s take a look at the Corona Virus:

Here is a map that shows the cases reported to date. It is current through the 13th.

As you can see the three states that make up the bulk of the cases in Washington, California and New York. Coincidently all sanctuary states. Coincidence, I think not.

This comes to 1629 although many are not confirmed, under investigation and no doubt, there is more as most of the time it is not symptomatic.

More importantly, let’s look at the deaths from Corona Virus in the U.S.:

Reporting started Mid January. Total deaths are 41. Yes, you heard that right. during 3+ months of tracking this, the death toll is at a staggering 41 in the U.S. Now we can look at the number in Iran and China and other countries, but just how accurate is that reporting? My guess is not very accurate. Most of the reporting is coming directly from the media.

But it is tough to make up a number for U.S. deaths as Trump’s team is on top of it. So that is why we stand at 41. Also, remember at least half of these were reported from a nursing home in Washington st.

The point of all of this is, you would think with the panic and hysteria going on people were dropping like flys. But it’s just the opposite. 41!!!!!

22,000 to 55,000 deaths
36 Million to 51 Million with the flu
370,000 to 670,000 hospitalized because of the flu

Now I ask If there was ever going to be panic and hysteria wouldn’t it be over the ordinary flu? In addition, while the Young seems to be immune from the Corona Virus the regular flu is just as deadly to them.

What it comes down to is if you are in bad health and older you are at risk from any variety of things floating around. The last reported death was a person 82 who had emphysema. If she would have gotten the regular flu she would have been touch and go.

I am an oddsmaker and tend to be pretty accurate in my assessment of things. We are at 41 deaths from the Carona Virus as of yesterday. In 30 days I would wager we are less than 100.

Yet every death will make the media a 24/7 propaganda machine. Because if the economy tanks this is their best shot at getting rid of Trump. They could not do it with Russia Russia Russia, or Ukraine hoax where they had to have this Atkinson guy change the Whistleblower rules at the last 2nd to get some fraud to qualify as a whistleblower.

To confirm my suspicions they have taken Trish Regan off the air. She was the only one that was skeptical of this. And she was not afraid to point it out. So what does Fox do? The sideline her. How convenient. And who is on the Fox board now, Ryan. The guy that made it his mission to make sure Trump does not get reelected.

I am not prone to conspiracy theories. Matter of fact I am a WYSIG person. And then I go from there.

The only way I am proven wrong is if the death toll in the U.S. starts skyrocketing. I certainly do not hope that happens, but I am fairly confident that 30 days from now people will be scratching their heads and asking why are we still close to 41 deaths if this is such a deadly epidemic. Again, my prediction, less than 100 30 days from now.

An only because they cannot manufacture the death total in the U.S. If they could we would be sitting at 10,000 deaths according to the media.


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