Nasdaq off almost 70??? Interesting!!!

11:30 Update

1st response to my request about comments on Transparency:

“I don’t even know why you are giving that   ” xxxxxx ” the time of day about transparency, I have been following you for years and been paying down my mortgage with your plays year after year. There is services out there that are 10x more expensive with nowhere near the data and thought that you put into your plays (not that I want you to raise your price!:)) and most of them are losing bettors (trust me I have been thru them all)…. Although I think it would benefit some people just getting into doing business with you by cleaning up how you show your results year after year and maybe get you some more subscribers… but in my mind you don’t have anything to prove to anyone. I will say that this year too is the first year I have had a book quit me because I beat them so bad, not many services can say that.”

Hopefully I will get a number of responses so I can gauge if I need to do anything in particular.



9:30 Update

Thursday we had two 1/2 Unit plays and they both won. Arizona +160 won 6-2 and Tampa Bay +144 after being behind 5-1 came back and won 12-8. So a +1.52 unit day.

Today everything late so I have some breathing room this morning:) But there is something I want to discuss with subscribers and anyone else that cares to join in on the discussion:

I have had several back and forth communications with a subscriber the gist of which is that the Subscriber does not feel that I am transparent enough. Now in fairness to him, he had the idea to start a detailed google spreadsheet that compliments my record I keep on the site. My feeling at the time was that it was a great idea and I implemented almost immediately.

I had not heard much back from the person until a day or so ago where he expressed concern about my transparency. In particular, he indicated that I need to show the daily, monthly and yearly results. Now I had thought that is exactly what I had been doing over the last 13 years! Ups and Downs, winning seasons and losing seasons it’s all there for anyone to see.

Now you can bitch about my plays and how bad they are and it does not effect me a bit. But make negative comments about my transparency with an implicit statement doubting my honesty and that is my red line! I take pride in my transparency and I can also say you will not find someone in this business more honest and ethical than me. I know this is a self-serving statement but I am confident that almost everyone that has been following me for the last 13 years or so will tell you the same. I have my faults but transparency and honesty are not among them. As a 2+2 forum user said a few years ago I give out too much information regarding my results!

But after being overly defensive about the communications I got to thinking that perhaps I am overlooking something that is obvious. I have before on occasion. It’s similar to me saying I do not need the best of it to wager I just have to think I have the best of it. So on occasion, I do make wagers where I have been wrong and I adjust.

So I would like some feedback via email if perhaps I am overlooking something relating to transparency. I would appreciate the feedback as I wish to put this to rest so I can concentrate on what is important…Handicapping:)

Good Luck Tonight


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks


The Nasdaq is leading the way down today but interestingly enough the $ADD is +1000. This is something you will not see very often!

It’s a late start this morning for me so I do not have much insight into what exactly is at work. But it most likely has something to do with MSFT being off 7.5%

I am really not very exposed long or short this market right now as I have a few swing trades in both directions.  Luckily Microsoft long is not one of them:)

Which way the market goes from here? Most likely down but its a coin flip with the ADD still up now +850. That is what I will be watching as if it heads south then we all know what is next.

In addition, if things stay on the course, they are on today the Nasdaq leading the SP500 on a weekly basis will be short lived as it will end today. That does not bode well for the markets especially toward the end of April.  It’s looking more and more to me that the risk is to the downside substantially right now. Adding to that is sentiment finally turning a bit bullish. The kiss of death!

And yesterday we won with 2 nice Dogs in MLB. More on that later

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks



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